February 16, 2017

Just Let Go – Release


It is vital to release things that no longer belong in our lives.  We release relationships that do not work, habits, that are bad for us, and the past that we cannot change.  We release negative thoughts, excess weight, and things in our home that are neither beautiful nor useful.

Releasing frees us and lightens us for our journey.  It cuts off energy grains in our lives.  Holding onto a friendship with someone who subtly insults us during conversations is not adding anything positive to our lives.  Keeping broken gifts we do not use does not honor the relationship we have with the one who gave us the gift.

Excess stuff in our lives, whether it be physical stuff, unpaid debts, or relationships with needy people will always weigh us down.  We lose a lot of energy protecting the stuff, worrying about the debt, or catering to others who will not for themselves what they need to do.

Not releasing that which should be released is not loving to us.  And we cannot love others if we do not first love ourselves.  Release is a way of practicing that self-love.

There are many types of rituals to practice release.  We can write our things to be released on pieces of paper and burn it.  We can meditate and visualize ourselves as thinner while changing our diet and exercising.  We can ritually bless things as we take them out to a garage sale or give them to charity.  We can honor how things we are throwing away served us and return them to the earth.

Release is part of any spiritual path.  We need to know when to give up situations, people, places, and things in order to move on.  Growing spiritually is about eventually detaching in order to know the beauty of a connection with God in which nothing

Release should always be done with grace and ease.  If we know something needs to be released from life and we are having trouble doing it, then we need to ask for help.  Loved ones can help.  So can God.  Simply ask.

Release from relationships can be difficult because another’s feelings are involved.  In the end, the other person is being released and this is a gift to them even if they are we do not see it as such.  They need to move on with their lives without being tied to a relationship that is not working.  We let them go with our blessing for their own lives.

We release things that are no longer suiting our purposes.  Keeping unworn clothes in our closet does not benefit us.  If those same clothes are in good condition, we can release and bless them as we pass them on to others who will benefit from them.

Bad habits also need to be released.  Habits that do not serve others or us are taking up energy that can be used for something  else.  Or, they are hindering us by creating bad health.  Addictions need to be released for our very survival.

By blessing and releasing what no longer works for us, we open ourselves up to new gifts from the Universe.

In silence, we realize there are things to be released.  As we quiet our world and practice detachment, we begin to know what relationships, habits, situations, or possessions are stopping us from moving on.

Sometimes release is not our choice but is forced upon us.  A relationship unexpectedly ends or a career takes an unexpected   change of direction.  We must process these releases anyway.  Tears are often part of the ritual for these unexpected and unchosen releases.

Release is eventually good.  We are practicing detachment in the Universe’s schedule, no ours.  But detachment leads to greater spiritual fulfillment.

Release also leads to greater freedom.  By releasing habits, we are free to pursue healthier ones.  By releasing unhealthy relationships, we open ourselves to healthier relationships.  By releasing stifling jobs, we free ourselves up to follow our passions.

Release is also something we can actively pursue.  We can ask ourselves, “What no longer works for me?”  While sitting with this question, we can see what needs to be let go of.

Sometimes we do not want to let go of something.  We can always ask God for help.  We are not being asked to practice total deprivation because that just leads to resentment.  But, we can ask that our desire for what no longer suits us be taken away.


By Denise Onyskiw.

Denise  currently is writing a book about life balance between the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes of our existence. Watch her book intro video or check her facebook page for more information.


  1. Nutritionist says:

    Dear Denise!

    We love You for all these clever words. We are first in turn to buy your book.

  2. Denise Onyskiw says:

    Thank you, Nutritionist. I’m working on the book proposal right now.


  3. Nutritionist says:

    Good luck Denise. You deserve all the best.

  4. Denise Onyskiw says:

    Thank you!!

  5. Cathy Beebe says:

    Nicely done! Bravo! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your book!!

  6. This is for sure a great read and there is for sure a great deal of information and advice which could benefit anyone. I’ll for sure pass this on and advise many people I know to hand to read this.

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