February 21, 2017

Is The Acai Berry Weight Loss Diet a Myth?

The Acai Berry is a small, round berry that is found in the rain forests of Brazil. The berry has a large pip, so only a small amount of it is edible. It’s promoted across the Western World as an aid to weight loss, however due to a lack of scientific research there are many sceptics stating that its benefits are fabricated.

So what is the truth? Is the Acai Berry a genuine aid to weight loss, or is it simply an average fruit surrounded by a number of very clever marketing campaigns?

The Acai Berry is high in anti-oxidants, and also contains an abundance of healthy fats. It’s these two properties that are core to the idea of Acai Berry weight loss. The berry helps make you feel healthier, detox, and feel fuller for longer, which is a great combination to promote healthy weight loss.

There are several different Acai Berry weight loss programs. Some involve taking supplements while others encourage you to use berries in your cooking, which is a good way to help you clean up your diet. Since your diet isn’t dictated to you on a meal-by-meal basis, it’s easier to make gradual changes that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

While there is no scientific evidence to conclude that the Acai Berry can have a direct effect on weight loss, there is evidence to say that the properties within the Acai Berry can.

However, the Acai Berry should not be touted as a miracle solution. The most it can be is an aid to weight loss, not a cure.

Long term, sustainable changes are important if you want a new, slim physique that will stay with you for longer than one summer. A successful diet shouldn’t really be thought of as a diet, but as a lifestyle change. It’s easy to “get” to a healthy weight; the challenge is making the right decisions every single day for the rest of your life in order to maintain your healthy weight. That’s where education and healthy habits become so important.

How does this differ from other diets?

The difference between the Acai Berry diet and other diets is that you aren’t forced to follow a fixed meal plan. You still need to keep your Calorie intake in check, but this tends to happen as a side effect of being encouraged to eat more fresh fruit and other “good” foods, rather than something that you’re forced to do. The difference is a subtle one, but for many people the psychological boost that it provides is huge.

If you’re sick of meal replacements, or feel that slimming clubs are too prescriptive in what you are and are not allowed to eat, then an Acai Berry weight loss diet could be the diet for you. You will still need to make sure that you eat sensible portions, and partake in regular exercise, but the way that you approach the diet is different, and that could be all you need to make things work.

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