February 21, 2017

Irreversible Birth Injury: How to Cope

There are several factors that can lead to a high-risk pregnancy and birth. Foremost being the health and well being of the mother. It makes sense that the healthier the mom is, the healthier the outcome isfor the baby. There are however, instances where something goes wrong. Childbirth is still one of the most dangerous medical conditions for women.

Sick baby Olive taking her meds.

Dangerous Route

Traveling through the birth canal can be quite a traumatic experience for an infant, depending on its size, the bone structure of the mother’s pelvis, the gestational period, the baby’s position as it was in the womb, and how long labor lasts. A baby may suffer an injury simply because of the birthing process. Some babies get swelling and bruising from their journey. Some get bleeding or fractures. If instruments, like forceps, were used, the baby’s head could have been damaged.

Some newborns are considered high-risk because of complications that might have come up during the pregnancy or birth. As soon as a baby is born, it goes through a physical assessment where doctors take into account the baby’s vital signs and appearance to determine its wellbeing, and then the course of action to be taken to care for the baby.

Not all injuries are because of complications from the pregnancy or birth. Some injuries are caused through the negligence of a medical staffer. They could have caused harm to the infant by incorrectly monitoring the amount of oxygen given during labor.

Wrongful Birth

Sometimes, genetic testing during a woman’s pregnancy might have been carried out incorrectly. Or maybe the results of the testing were interpreted falsely and the parents had not been warned of any medical issues. The woman then carries the baby full term, only to find that there are serious birth defects and the child she was expecting will not have any quality of life.

This realization for parents can be devastating. Their hopes and dreams of an ideal family are dashed. This can take a heavy toll on the family emotionally and financially.

Actions to Take

Families faced with a frightening future with an ill child can take legal action against the medical facility or persons responsible for the mistake because they will need monetary compensation to provide necessary services and therapies for the child.

A New York city personal injury lawyer states that, “There are many factors taken into account when it comes to compensation. Some of these factors include pain and suffering, emotional stress, lost earnings, medical expenses, property damage, and lifetime effect.” A price tag can’t be put on the emotions that parents might feel about this onus on their lives now. But monetary compensation will help ease their burden so that they don’t lose everything they own due to costly medical bills.

Parents wishing to make a claim against the negligent parties on behalf of their infant should not try to do it alone. They must retain the services of a legal expert in birth injury related matters. Only then might they be able to recover from emotional and financial devastation.

Debbie Nguyen’s first son was born prematurely and had many health complications. She knows first hand how long the effects of a high risk birth last. She found the site of a New York city personal injury lawyer when researching cases of infant brain injuries.

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