February 15, 2017

Instructions to Eat Healthy When You Cannot Cook Your Own Meals

Maintaining good health when you have limited resources is a herculean task is the popular belief. But one can prove it wrong by making the best use of the available resources in the best possible way and stay healthy. Take, for example, the case of college students who live in hostel rooms with limited resources. Yet they can maintain good health if they so determine to. Therefore, it is all in our minds that we cannot cook our meals and cannot stay healthy so on and so forth.

girl eating healthy food

The first and foremost thing required to maintain good health is physical exercise. Engaging in physical activity will see to it that you do not put on unhealthy weight. You do not have to work out in a gymnasium to maintain perfect weight, walking for 30 minutes a day is good enough. You can walk to your workplace, walk to the market, walk to a friend’s house who stays a couple of kilometers away from you- all of these are different forms of walking which, of course, are beneficial provided you maintain a fast pace.

A mistaken notion prevails all over the world which is to say that skipping meals helps to lose weight. This is sheer ignorance. Skipping meals only does harm to the body, it slows the rate of body metabolism and fat gets conserved. Skipping meals and gulping down more calories increases body weight that too in an unhealthy way. Another problem with skipping meals is that your body is very hungry and you tend to overeat at that point. This would again add to the body weight. One has to eat healthy foods of the right amount of calories at regular intervals.

Stress is another major criterion which takes a toll on our lives. It makes us overeat, adopt sedentary lifestyle and lose sleep. All of these would sharply raise our Body Mass Index (BMI) and make us obese pretty fast. Eating outside is another undesirable fact which harms our health. Fast food comes in attractive shapes and colors which makes people tempted to eat it. Those food items do not digest easily and directly contribute to an unhealthy weight gain.

Keeping oneself properly hydrated is very essential as far as maintaining good health is concerned. Always carry pure drinking water with you. Drinking a glass of water before your meals helps to control your food intake. Those of us who do rigorous physical exercise need a good amount of water since they lose water in the form of sweat. Reduce the intake of caffeine and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice which is less sweet. Do not consume more amount of sugar which proves detrimental to our health. Therefore, if one is inclined to maintain good health it is possible to do it even if one is unable to cook one’s own meals.

Sarah S Ward, a freelance writer with strong and powerful research talents. She worked in many technical writing companies. She believes that one good writer is a soldier who fights for student’s better education.

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