February 15, 2017

How To Stop Smoking And Its Benefits

As we all know many people start smoking at their early age. They start smoking not knowing the consequences of becoming an addict. The problem is when they reach maturity because they are at high risk in their life. It becomes too late to do something about it, because you are already an addict so you have to be careful when you start doing something, equalize the benefits and risk so you can get a go ahead. If you want to quit smoking you have to set your quitting goals. So you can come back to your normal life without stress of smoking. It is so simple to overcome the temptation to light a cigarette. Your goals are the key to quit smoking and to succeed. There are simple ways which can help you to quit smoking cigarette.

Nicotine Replacement

There are therapies that you can have to help you stop smoking; one of it is nicotine replacement which involves curtailment of the effect of nicotine in your system. This therapy contains inhalers, patches, lozenges, gums, nasal sprays and micro tabs. These are drugs which you can take to replace nicotine. They are available in the market and are not expensive, so if you are interested to quit you can use these drugs to help you.

Stop Smoking Water Therapy

The second one is water therapy; this is a simple therapy just drinking a lot of water. Water helps in nicotine extraction from the body that’s why it is recommended. You can decide to mix your water with fruit juice because fruits are good for our bodies.

Stop Smoking Psychological Therapy

Third therapy is psychological therapy which involves the emotional behavior during the withdrawal period. Your psychological condition is analyzed to determine how resistance your body offers to nicotine.

Stop Smoking Herbal Therapy

Fourth one is herbal therapy; there are various herbs which can be used to help someone to quit from smoking cigarettes which are not harmful to your body or your health.


Fifth one is going for counseling for a few hours so you can be advised what to do to success in your withdrawal process on how to take nicotine dependence. Also in this process you are being taught the effects of taking nicotine in your body.


Sixth one is acupuncture; this method is usually used by the Chinese. It is done by the aid of a needle which eases your craving, which is a good method because helps you to stop craving to smoke. It is so simple because you can go for vaccination anytime of the day.


Seventh and the last is hypnosis which is the relaxation of mind. This is to make sure that you are not thinking about smoking, because you are keeping away from such imagination. You can keep your mind busy to other things which are important.


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  1. G’Day! Wellbeingsupport,
    I know what you mean, Everyone knows quite well that the smoking habit can take a disastrous toll on health. There are millions of smokers who die each year of diseases caused or compounded by their smoking habit. There are several diseases on the list – lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis and a host of other pulmonary and respiratory disorders top the list. Smoking can also increase the chances of having strokes. In fact the chances of smokes can very quickly aggravate to fatal levels in a smoker. In addition, if a person has asthma, smoking can seriously complicate it.

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