February 21, 2017

How To Instill Mannerism In Kids By Knowing Their Cell Phone Activities

It is the desire of every parent that his/her kid grows up to be a model citizen with good moral and ethical values. Kids are like clay; they can be molded as we want them to. They are innocent and ape adult behavior. Hence it is all the more necessary that we as parents follow standards while we bring up our kids. What is the point in quarrelling with your spouse, when you reprimand your kids for fighting with friends or siblings? So it is highly essential that we practice before we preach and be a model parent to bring up model kids.
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Kids are exposed to bad things very early in life.

While part of it can be blamed on the habits and attitude of the parents, the other being peer pressure. In fact, kids are most influenced by peers. They would like to mimic their friends or try to get things done by bad behavior. To get over such tantrums, you have to clearly explain to your kids, the effects of throwing tantrums. Do not retaliate with the same anger, but explain to your kid that such behavior is not going to fetch him anything. Make him understand that he has to learn to control his temper and only then will he be given a chance to talk.

There is a misconception that you can intimidate your kids by extreme behavior.

Do not ever resort to this yo-yo. Kids get psychologically upset if they see their parents exhibiting violent behavior and such would have long lasting bad effects on them. Sit down, calm yourself and talk to your child and reason out with him. Your child will surely understand and would never repeat the mistake again.

Older kids exhibit behavioral changes.

There will be marked changes in their behavior like retorting, not following directions and bullying in class rooms. You need to look for such tell tale signs. They would all not happen overnight, but there would be indications like complaints from school, falling grades or frequent mood swings. Such older kids have to be dealt very carefully and you need to discuss their problems openly and try to get to the root cause for such behavior. You need to be proactive and help them to differentiate between right and wrong. Once they realize, they would themselves display proper conduct.

Kids are facing threats from technology as well.

The rampant use of cell phones has exposed them to mobile and internet threats like child abuse, cyber bullying, child pornography and many such heinous cyber crimes. Kids are victimized and traumatized. You need to protect your kids from such mobile threats by the installation of cell phone monitoring software on their mobile phones. With the help of this software, you can monitor and track your kid’s activities on the cell phone ranging from calls, mails, texts and photos.

It is very imperative that kids are well mannered and the good values and ethics are laid down right from childhood. Instead of punishing them for bad behavior, reward them for good behavior. Praise and hug your child and boost their confidence and self esteem. You will be a proud parent of well mannered kids.

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  1. While I agree with the dangers of the internet, monitoring your child’s cell phone is itself a huge risk. If they find out what you’ve done you could lose your children’s trust forever.

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