February 16, 2017

How to Get The Perfect Shave

How to Get The Perfect Shave

Cheap plastic razors can be a total pain, to your face and your wallet. They are ineffective in giving you that close shave, leaving you with nicks and cuts. Whether you throw them away or need to constantly buy new blade cartridges, generic razors are a big waste on the environment.


Fortunately for you, straight razors are a great way to save money, support small manufacturers, and conserve natural resources, all while getting that perfect, close shave.

Of course, once you have a straight razor, you have to learn how to shave , which might not be so easy, especially if you’re used to those generic razors. Here are a few personal grooming tips to get that quality shave you have always wanted.


The Right Supplies

First off, make sure you have the right shaving accessories. Having the straight razor or safety razor is a good first step, but you will also need:

–          Shaving cream, soap, or lather: Shave creams and lathers soothe and nourish the skin while it’s being shaved. They also form dense lathers that cushion and lubricate the razor for a close-cutting shave.

–          Shave brush: Shave brushes are used to lather and apply soaps and creams. Brushes create much thicker lathers that soothe the skin before the shave. The bristles in the brush also act as a method for mild exfoliation. Most importantly, shave brushes soften and lift facial hair evenly, which means the razor doesn’t have to be pressed into the skin to achieve a close shave.

–          Aftershave or cologne: To top off that shave, aftershave and cologne help soothe the skin and close pores while adding some fragrance to get your day started.

These are just the basic supplies you need. You might find yourself using mustache combs, scissors, and other items as you get used to straight razor shaving.


Trust Your Razor

Most of first time wet-shavers will apply too much pressure when they shave, causing nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Most well-made, quality razors have enough weight to exert its own pressure. Adding pressure will not necessarily give you a closer shave, but you will more than likely remove your top layer of skin, leading to razor burn, which is not a pleasant feeling.

Lather will act as an effective cushion, so trust your razor to get the job done.


Stretch Your Skin

When you’re shaving with a straight razor, try to stretch your skin out. Razors glide much easier over taut skin. You can often accomplish this just by flexing your facial muscles. As we age, our skin becomes looser, so if flexing your muscles doesn’t work, you can physically stretch and tighten your skin using your opposite hand. Flexing facial muscles will also tone your face and reduce wrinkling.

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