February 16, 2017

How to Exfoliate and Cleanse Your Skin the Organic Way

It’s a daily problem that our skin tends to become weak, irritated, get acne, pimples etc. Most of us get tired as how to treat it without buying expensive products or not spoiling our skins natural nutrients with so much use of chemicals. Simple solutions would be to try cleansing and exfoliating with organic products.


Cleansing can be done in different ways using simple products available at home. Home remedies made from natural products are an excellent way to cleanse and nourish your skin without adding additional chemicals to your system. The reason for cleansing is to remove surface dirt and dried skin cells. Removal of them from usage of commercial products clears skin of bacteria but their extreme effects can cause development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Products at your home which are easily accessible are dairy products and citrus fruits. Milk and yogurt which are types of dairy products contain lactic acid that remove impurities from the skin, make it look brighter and youthful. While citric acid present in citric fruits has the tendency to kill bacteria present in the pore which again helps to keep the skin clean and healthy.


Another way to cleanse your skin would be to use honey on the skin, it’s one of the most recommended and pure organic substances that do not harm your body. Method for making honey scrub is to take one tablespoons of honey mix it with two tablespoons of ground almonds and half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply on face and then take off mixture with warm water. Another way of making use of honey is to take pure honey and apply on face. Keep on face for 15mins and then rinse it off.


Important process for keeping your skin nurtured and fresh is to use products that Exfoliate the skin. In other words remove the dead cells from the skin.


To exfoliate the skin one can use Loofahs and exfoliating gloves. They can be used when showering daily resulting in glowing skin. Loofahs usually have a tendency to catch bacteria. Exfoliating gloves instead are more preferable in those terms.


Coffee grounds most available can be used on the skin as a means to get rid of the dead skin. The coffee grounds put in muslin bag that can be used over the skin when showering. Along with this jojoba beads are other form of exfoliating product that isn’t abrasive to the skin. They can be bought from the shop and mixed into soaps, creams and lotions to create a double effect, where skin will be exfoliated and moisturized. As it has soft round shape it is best suited for sensitive skins.


About Author: Alice has been an expert in skin health. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines and provides insightful advice for natural acne treatment and acne remedies skin regimes.

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