February 20, 2017

How to choose a bra

80% women wear wrong selected bra. It’s very important to choose good bra, because from this depends breast condition, if bra is too small, than breasts are flattened, our comfort, because when bra goes with every move, we have to correct.

Instead of complaining that again we don’t look great in next bra, better to check if this is good selected.

Signs wrong selected bra:

1) clasp going up- it’s easy to check- put top with uncovered shoulders on favorite bra; when clasp is seen above top, it means that bra is too wide.

2)  balls- put your bra and stand in front of mirror and look yourself from profile. If you can notice over edge of the bra breasts looking as bolls, it means that bra cups are too small.

3) digging straps- if you see after whole day, red traces on shoulders, it means that again bra is too wide. In good selected size breasts don’t feel bra, because whole weight is kept by lower part of bra.

4) rollers under armpit- put your bra and again look your profile in mirror; if you see rollers under armpit behind strap, it means that your bra cup is too small.

5) if you have small space between breasts and after whole day you have sweat there, it means that breasts are squeezed and bra is too wide with too small bra cups. This trick with thin line between breasts is only good from time to time for party, no for every day.

If one sign of wrong selected bra concerns to you, it means that it’s time for using new tips.


Bra size is composed of two numbers: bra circuit and dimension of bra cup. Mostly in shops we can find bra cups from A to D, but many companies produce sizes even till L and from 60 cm till 115 cm. These companies aren’t so popular, that’s why important is to find them, f.e. in Internet.

To know your size, first measure tightly on the exhale and from result subtract 5 cm,  it’s good to make this, because bras are elastic and after washing can become too expanded. Proper bra should be tightly after few washings.

Trying in shop:

1) if bra circuit is too loose, but cup is proper and good, ask about bra with smaller circuit and bigger cup,

2) if bra cup is too small, but circuit is good, ask about bigger for one point bra,

3) Try bra bending forward,  next wear on loosest clasp, after time with stretching bra, you will wear on smaller clasp,

4) stand straight and put inside precise breasts, take hand even till armpit and regulate straps to not have folds skin around on shoulder,

5) check if all is located on body good and same look on sternum, it’s important bra to not enter in tissue,

6) now you can jump few times and check if bra doesn’t go up.

You must be very patient in looking for great bra. Many times you will hear that for small breasts  best are bra push up, for big breasts only very wide straps or this size isn’t produced, but really all these aren’t true.



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