February 16, 2017

How to care about hands ?

In past women wore gloves to protect hand skin from UV or to hide signs of aging. Now proper care can help, but to achieve effects should be made systematically with moisturizing and lubricating. Mostly people give attention to nails and forget about hand skin. Hands are first from all parties of body on which will be noticed aging, because they are affected by UV, detergents and changing temperatures. Additionally skin has in this part thin fatty layer without oil glands. To care about hand skin you don’t have to buy expensive and complicated stuff, only basic cosmetics.

Professional mask should contain vitamins, cooling aloe extract, urea, allantoin and proteins of  silk.

Treatments for hands:

1) in first turn should be made removing death cells with scrub f.e. from salt or sugar in oil. Skin will become softer, lighter, thiner. Also if you want you can ask about microdermabrasion or exfoliation AHA in beauty salon. Next step is to put selected mask rich in vitamins and another nutritional ingredients. Short massage during laying mask  hands can help in warming up skin. Good is after massage to create occlusive wrap with using foil or film food for 15 minutes. Warmer skin can absorb more substances.

To achieve best effects you have to repeat treatment 5-10 times, but after 1 treatment will be noticed result.

2) now very modern and accepted by many clients are pearls and silk for hands which will become fast regenerated and elastic. They are easy and hygienic in using.

3) for dry, damaged hands with irritation after detergents or with eczema recommended is mask with soothing Algae Sargassum or poultice from linseed.  Acting Algae Sargassum and linseed: cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory. Moreover Algae Sargassum contains high concentration of iodine connected with vitamin C and this complex reduces permeability of blood vessels, stimulates microcirculation.

Cosmetics for hands should contain:

– CoA- stimulates skin regeneration and increases immunity,

– silicon- accelerates wound healing,

– phospholipids- responsible for moisturizing and lubricating skin, protect from water evaporation,

– proteins of silk- softening skin,

– hyaluronic acid- great, natural moisturizing factor, doesn’t cause allergy,

– aloe extract- regenerates dry and damaged skin,

– urea- mollifies skin,

– allantoin- accelerates wound healing.

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