February 16, 2017

Harmony – Resonating with All

Harmony – Resonating with All

When we think of harmony, we think of everything being in synch.  However, we can cultivate a sense of harmony by becoming aware of the oneness of all creation.  Everything is already in synch but, because we only focus on parts of things, we are not aware of their universal harmony.

If we think about it, there has to be a harmony to the universe.  Laws of physics are consistent.  Gravity always works the same way.  The parts of an internal combustion engine work in harmony with one another to make our cars run.  We do not think about this when we start them to travel somewhere.  The design of highways and the rules telling us how to drive form a harmony that allows masses of cars to all travel together to their individual destinations (as long as everyone follows the rules).

There is a harmony to ecology.  The amount of each plant and animal in the food chain is balanced so every species survives from one generation to another.  Environmental changes cause the balance to change and some species to die out and others take their places in order to achieve a new harmony.

The things in our lives are also in harmony.  We constantly make adjustments and choices in order to resolve issues, meet challenges, and reach goals.  Becoming aware of this harmony will reduce anxiety about things we are focusing on.

We are always in harmony with our souls; we just do not always realize it.  Harmony is being in synch with the rest of life.  But when we do not pay attention to our souls, but instead spend too much time in our heads, we feel out of synch with all of life.

It is easy to get out of synch.  Life is full of demands and they all seem to vie for our attention at the same time, claiming the same highest priority.  It is difficult to not get caught up in the ways of the world.

A regular practice of prayer, meditation, and/or contemplation will keep us focused on our souls and in harmony with life.  The act of conversing with Spirit, meditating on the breath, or contemplating the higher mysteries will remind us that we are all part of something Greater and the demands of the world are just part of the earth journey.

Try stepping aside and witnessing the situation rather than getting caught up in the drama.  Witness the emotions as well as feel
them.  With practice, the harmony we are in with our souls, and all of Divinity, will always seem to be present.  There will still be disruptions and drama in life, but we will not have to let it disrupt our own sense of peace.

We can close our eyes and take a deep breath and sense the harmony we have with the rest of creation.  This oneness can be felt as a sense of peace.  We can extend this practice by feeling for this sense of harmony with all throughout the day.

We are one with all of creation.  This is not always easy to remember in traffic jams, PTA meetings, long plane rides with cranky passengers, and staff meeting running overtime.  It is during these times that we feel like we are out of harmony with the Universe.

These times are opportunities for learning.  We can breathe in deeply with closed eyes and actively seek a sense of harmony.  This method improves with practice.

Meditation will also deepen our sense of harmony.  As we follow our breath during meditation, we sense the oneness with all of creation.  We are in harmony with God and we know it.

Spending time in nature will increase our sense of harmony.  We sense our oneness as we listen to the joyful sounds of birds singing, water rushing over rocks or crashing on the shoreline, and frogs croaking.  We see the beauty of flowers and sunsets and rejoice in the world.

We can also go on retreat.  This is not so much about distancing ourselves from the bustle of everyday life, as it is a removal of some of the distractions.  Going on retreat gives us a better chance to practice feeling our sense of harmony.

And with this sense of harmony comes peace.


By Denise Onyskiw.

Denise  currently is writing a book about life balance between the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes of our existence. Watch her book intro video or check her facebook page for more information.


  1. Well said. Your comments about nature and harmony mirror the purpose of my blog. Nice job.

    • Denise Onyskiw says:

      Thank you, Darren. Every spiritual tradition encourages its followers to commune with nature. And when we do, we become more aware of the harmony we share (and all too often upset) in the natural world.

      Your blog is great! I love the photos.


      • Please let me know if you would like to be a guest writer for my blog. I think my readers would really enjoy you writing about the health and harmony connection between an individual and a relationship with nature.

        Also, do you mind if I link to your blog in one of my posts and quote your paragraph:

        Spending time in nature will increase our sense of harmony. We sense our oneness as we listen to the joyful sounds of birds singing, water rushing over rocks or crashing on the shoreline, and frogs croaking. We see the beauty of flowers and sunsets and rejoice in the world.

        Of course, all credit would go to you and I would invite my readers to become followers of your blog. Thanks.

  2. Denise Onyskiw says:

    Yes, you can quote my post as long as the credit also mentions Well Being Tips since they are kind enough to let me write for them. And you can link it to your blog.


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