February 15, 2017

How Happiness at work can make you more productive, creative and efficient

The work environments are getting tougher day by day, since the competition in this global village is fierce. Organisations cannot achieve the desired results until their employees are productive, creative, target oriented and efficient. And I believe this can’t happen until workers are happy at work.

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The business world is now focusing towards the idea of happiness at work. Top firms really appreciate the good health and wellbeing of their employees and their managers know about the happiness advantages. You should refer to Shawn Achor’s book The Happiness Advantage to get real facts on it.

A happy employee could retain a number of traits, which are essential for the success of any organisation. They would be more productive, creative and dynamic to harness their full potential and contribute to achieve the organisational goals. On the other hand, an unhappy employee cannot face the unparallel challenges of the modern world, costing the institution a big way.

Being unhappy at work means you will stay unhappy in your social life too. A recent study on the idea of happiness at work shows that unhappiness at work reflects to the life outside work. As per the survey, 80% respondents believe that if their workplaces provide them a happy environment, they could not only be more productive at work, but also become more responsible in their life outside work.

The question arises, what organisations can do to make their employees content? Well, there are three unified elements that need to be taken into account to create a happy working environment.

Work That Matters

Every employee desires acknowledgement of their efforts. No one is useless in any organisation and this feeling must be translated in true essence to build a happy working environment. Working in a firm, you are connected with other companies where both help each other in some way. If you know your work matters and could contribute towards achieving the organisational goals, you get a sense of satisfaction and become happy.

Vision and Direction

Every organisation has a purpose to serve. It has a mission and vision which every worker must know about. The firms which promote happiness at work should communicate their plans to the workers, so they work hard to achieve the goals. And when they make their contribution for the purpose, they must be acknowledged. A company’s financial goals are not what make employee’s happy at the workplace. Even a company gives their employees a good salary, if they are not satisfied after working from 9 to 5, they won’t be beneficial for the company.

Healthy Relationships

As a human being, we value our relationships. We feel comfortable with our good friends, family and colleagues. Our relationships at work play an important role in making us happy. A friendly and cooperative manager makes things a lot easier for you. On the other hand, the bossy attitude hinders your productivity and makes you unsatisfied. Healthy relationships contribute towards creating happy workers.

We all need a Great Place to Work. Organisations like Impact International are working hard to create a happy workplace. For such firms, the happiness of their employees matters. Does that matter for yours?

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