February 21, 2017

Getting Pregnant – What Factors Affect Fertility

No one can precisely tell how long it takes for a woman to get pregnant.  There are, however, some factors that could lead to understanding the time involved in conception.  Fertile couples often have a 20-30% chance of conceiving a baby each cycle.  About 84% of all couples who have unprotected sex should be able to conceive a baby within just a year.  Half of the remainder could have a child on the second year while the second half of the remainder will have to keep on trying on the years to come.  This means that, while some couples can have a honeymoon baby, this could be quite difficult for some.

Factors that Affect Fertility

  • Your age (and your partner’s age)
  • You and your partner’s diet and lifestyle
  • Your occupation (and your partner’s occupation as well)
  • Poor reproductive health
  • Regularity of sexual intercourse
  • Chronic illnesses (that you may or may not be aware of)

Most women believe that they can conceive if only they can pinpoint the exact date that their ovulation occurs.  This can be pretty difficult to calculate and it could be emotionally taxing as well.  What needs to be done is to compensate instead with regular intercourse.  This is much like hitting a target with as many bullets as you can or being a salesperson (because sales is a numbers game).  This means that the more you and your partner try the better chances you will have at having a baby.

Above all, you must enjoy life as a couple—a baby is a blessing to an already great union so just take time and enjoy each other.  After all, what counts most is the love that you have for each other and this will also serve as the best foundation for a family that you will soon have.  So just wait love each other as much as you can—while you can.

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