February 21, 2017

Fun and Easy Beauty Tips

These tips range from radiant natural beauty notions to fun make-up tips.

The natural beauty tips I recommend stem from some of the easiest changes in your daily activities. As cliché as it sounds, drink a lot of water. Drinking the proper amount of water on a daily basis does wonders for your skin. Scientists recommend anywhere from 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day. If you already drink a lot of water each day you’re one step ahead of the rest. However, if you aren’t in the habit of drinking a lot of water try to bring some with you everywhere you go; sporadically drinking it throughout the day.

Exercising everyday is another easy way to feel and look healthier, which correlates with beauty. An easy switch of your make-up remover from something store bought- with lots of chemicals in it- to something like Almond oil can make a big difference. Wearing make-up all day dries out your eyelids and Almond oil balances that by making them smooth again.


Fortunately, beauty is no mystery. Although, some people are born with the certain criteria(s) that make a person beautiful there are some easy guidelines to follow that always work. Generally your eyebrows should be tapering with a peak above the iris but the most important rule to remember is that your eyebrow shape needs to mimic your forehead’s natural curve. Most women don’t have this quality naturally, but a simple trip to the beauty parlor for an eyebrow wax or use of tweezers can easily fix this.

My favorite eye make-up trick is known as ‘cat eyes’. Most super models and Hollywood stars have upper slanting eyes – the point closest to the nose is lower than the point closest to the ears. If you naturally have this eye shape, reinforcing the look even more with make-up never hurts. If not a simple adjustment can be made through the application of your make-up.


The first choice you need to make before applying your make-up is your color scheme. For the best result(s) pick three colors with the scheme starting at the brightest color and fading to the darkest. Cover the entire eye-lid with the brightest color- all the way up to the eye brow and around the inner corner of the eye. Apply the middle shade beside the inner corner through the middle of the eyelid and out to the outer end. Finally, apply the darkest shade to the middle of the eyelid all the way to the outside. Once outside the eyelid apply upwards making a triangular shape.


For the few and fortunate women that have naturally full lips your best option is to apply a lipstick with a shade that is closest to your natural color. This application is necessary so you can conceal chaps and balance the surface of your lips. However, if you have medium to small lips there are some simple tricks that can make them look fuller (and we’re not talking about Botox).

First, choose a lip-liner that is similar to the shade of your lipstick- maybe a shade darker. Make sure the lip-liner is recently sharpened before applying. Draw a line on the outer corner of the lip (you can try to draw the line outside the lip contour and if it looks natural stick with it). Apply your lipstick then put some lip gloss on the center of your lower lip- do the same on your upper lip afterwards- in order to highlight and make your lip look bigger.

These tips are some of the favorites of Louisville beauty school. Hopefully these tips work as well for you as they have for us!

Caroline McCauley is a writer for Ideal Beauty Academy, which specializes in cosmotology.


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