February 16, 2017

Foods That Will Keep Your Smile Brighter

It’s pretty common knowledge that eating loads of sugary candy, sucking on acidic lemons, and drinking dark liquids will ruin your teeth and should be avoided to keep those pearly whites up to snuff. But what foods should you actively seek out to help your mouth stay healthy? Here is a list of five foods that will help keep your smile looking and feeling bright.

Milk and Cheeses – Everyone can relate to the disgusting almost greasy film that you feel after eating a bunch of cheese. While it might make your taste buds uncomfortable, it can actually help the rest of your mouth by forming a barrier between your teeth and other acid based foods. The high fat content in the dairy products may not in large quantities be great for your waistline, but the benefits to your teeth are great. It’s also simple emergency care knowledge to put a knocked out tooth in a glass of milk to save it, but did you know the healthy dairy beverage is also good for teeth in your mouth? Milk is full of calcium which helps grow healthy teeth, but it has also been known to have the similar protective benefits of cheese.

Crunchy Fruits – A common misconception is that crunchy foods are bad for your teeth, but keep in mind, that this is definitely not the case with fruit. Still be weary of crunches like peanut brittle, but do not be afraid of apples and pears and other fruit with a crisp chomp. These are not just good for your whole body, but they contain a lot of water, which when chewed, dilutes the appearance of acid residue left from other food choices as well as increases the amount of saliva in your mouth. A lot of saliva means a happier and healthier mouth.

Sugar-Free Gum – Chewing gum, that is only sugar-free gum, is a great way to move any pieces of food lodged in between your teeth. It’s helpful in creating saliva, similarly to crunchy fruit, in that it helps to avoid issues like dry mouth. Before chewing, make sure that the gum you buy uses the sugar substitute xylitol as other sweeteners can be spun into acid when processed in your mouth. However, don’t just rely on gum, remember to floss as well.

Proteins – It fills you up and keeps the weight off, but did you know a lot of protein in your diet will keep your teeth healthy as well? Eggs, beef, chicken and even turkey are good choices. These foods provide your body, as well as your mouth with phosphorus needed to remineralize teeth, which means they are bringing minerals depleted by acidic foods, such as lemons, back to your choppers. Also, the phosphorus combines with the calcium and vitamin D in your body to help keep bones – like your teeth – healthy.eat nuts

Broccoli – It’s not the biggest surprise in years, but broccoli is good for you! A 2010 study in The European Journal of Dentistry reasoned that eating broccoli prior to drinking soda can prevent a lot of the harm that would typically be associated with drinking the sugary and carbonated beverage. It is believed that the iron in the vegetable helps to form a barrier between your teeth and the acid from the soda.

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  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing! Milk and cheese wouldnt have been my first guess!

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