February 15, 2017

Five Essential Changes For A Lifestyle That Supports Weight Loss

Weight loss can be such a tricky and difficult challenge to tackle, especially for us women. I’ve come to think of weight loss in a different way, and that’s made all the difference for me. What I have control over is not my weight. And so I don’t choose that to be my goal. Rather, my goal is to have a lifestyle that supports the opportunity for weight loss. This means that I make all the choices that I can to be healthy, and the weight-loss is a by-product of that. I’ve never felt better about myself. You’ll need to make some major changes in your life and learn to make healthier decisions across the board.

Healthy Lifestyle

A Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby. The busiest people might be in most need of a hobby. Healthy hobbies come in many different forms. You might enjoy volunteering at a local animal shelter or with your neighborhood Boys and Girls Club. If you like to work with your hands, you might pick up carpentry, plant a garden or take up a new craft. Creative time spent doing something you love will help you relax from the stress of work and other responsibilities. When your time is spent doing the things that you love, you will naturally have less time to participate in the activities that contribute to weight gain like snacking, laying around the house, and unhealthy stress.

Kick the Habit

Whether you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco, it’s time to kick the habit. You simply can’t live a healthy life or keep a toned body while funneling poison into your body. The process may sound impossible, but you can be successful with the right supports in place. Join a drug and alcohol rehabilitation for adults and speak with counselors and peers. Share your struggles, your successes and your failures. You can do this!

Start Eating Healthier

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as less sugar and fewer processed foods will help your body be more healthy. As you fuel your body with healthy vitamins and other nutrients from natural sources, healing will begin to take place. You will have more energy to focus on your job, your family and any psychological and spiritual healing you need in your life. With healthy eating habits, your body adjusts and actually begins to prefer the natural ingredients more than the junk food. Try snacking on bell peppers for the next week, you are sure to get addicted.


Exercise is essential for everyone. Those kicking other bad habits often find exercise a great outlet to help them replace additions. Exercise provides nature’s best and safest “high.” The release of endorphins during exercise provides a natural, healthy feeling of euphoria. As an added bonus, exercise will combine with good nutrition to give you more energy on a regular basis. But you can’t over-do it. Remember that exercise is only one of the pillars of a lifestyle that supports weight loss. I exercise three times a week for about 30 minutes. I’m no Olympian, but the consistency really makes a difference for my health.

Get Out of Unhealthy Relationships

Many people stay in relationships that aren’t good for them simply because the idea of change seems overwhelming. Make the choice to get away from friends that negatively influence you and find new friends with healthy habits. The stress of an unhealthy relationship will drive behavior that leads to weight gain. My husband and I love to challenge each other to live healthier lifestyles. We often work out together and he motivates me to stick to my diet commitments. I believe that this kind of relationship is available for everyone, whether it be through a spouse, family member, or other friend. Believe that you are good enough to have that strength in your life.

Change the way you think about weight loss. Don’t live for weight loss. Live a life that supports weight loss and maximizes health. The path to health and wellness may seem steep. As you begin to make changes, celebrate each positive step. You deserve to feel better.

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