February 21, 2017

Fighting Hunger on a Diet

Nobody likes dieting. We like eating what we want, when we want, but there are consequences to pay for eating too much of the wrong foods.

There are several reasons we diet. We may have health conditions that require a special diet such as diabetes or celiac disease, but for the most part we diet to lose weight.

There are all sorts of fad weight loss diets– no carbs, no fats, only eat at X time, eat only foods our distant ancestors would have eaten…

Realistically we all know that eating fewer calories overall and exercising more is what will help us lose weight the most efficiently.

The problem?

When we eat less than we burn, we get hungry.

Here are some creative ways that the dieting experts combat hunger.

Electronic Cigarettes

Bodybuilders are the kings and queens of dieting.


Now I’m not saying we should all strive to look like this, but we should consider them a source of wisdom. They are required to achieve extremely low body fat levels while maintaining massive body muscle. A bodybuilding friend of mine revealed one of his dieting secrets—smoking.


Now he wasn’t talking real cigarettes, which would interfere with his athletic abilities as well as risk his health. He was talking about nicotine vaporizers (or electronic cigarettes), which are a new, safe way to smoke. In fact, they are deemed “safe cigs”.

He chose one without any nicotine because he never had been a smoker in the past, and used it as a substitute for dessert or to keep him occupied when he was hungry the weeks preceding a competition.

Since he was not allowed to have real desserts or anything carbohydrate-rich, he enjoyed the chocolate and strawberry flavors with his electronic cigarette, which contained no calories or carbs. He compared it to dessert-flavored chewing gum, saying that it satisfied his sugar cravings.

Drink, Drink, and Drink

No, I’m not promoting alcohol as well. There are some great beverages that help with weight loss, though.


WATER is the most important, although I wouldn’t consider it a “sneaky” trick. If you fill your belly with water, you will be less inclined to overeat. Many people use it as a way to avoid unneeded snacking as well.

If you’re craving an ice cream bar, stop and drink a glass of water. This will make you more conscious of what your body actually wants.

Not only is water a tool that can be used to combat hunger, but it also aids weight loss in other ways. This article outlines the importance of water in health and weight loss.

Coffee and tea are also great ways to beat hunger. You get to occupy your mouth with something flavorful and fill your stomach essentially with water which will make you feel less hungry. Drink these beverages black or with a dash of skim milk only, fancy versions can be sugar bombs in disguise.

Eating Schedule

Only you will be able to determine your perfect eating schedule. Some people benefit from eating first thing in the morning, while others prefer to wait an hour. Busy jobs and errands can also determine the availability of time to eat.

Snacking frequently on lower-calorie, healthy snacks will help you avoid the temptation of junk food. This is especially important when you work in an office where snacks are readily available, or at home if you have unhealthy choices at your fingertips. If the cookie tray is being passed around but you already have a snack planned in a few minutes, it will be easier to resist the treats.

Eating a 100 calorie (or less) snack every hour like a boiled egg or piece of fruit will help you maintain your diet without veering off course. Carry small snacks with you so that even if you are on the run you will have something to munch on.

The most effective weight to combat hunger is to combine these techniques. Snacking regularly and drinking water or tea are vital to weight loss overall, while electronic cigarettes provide an alternative to desserts and keep you occupied.

Just know that even if you falter, you can do it. If you find that you ate something that you shouldn’t have, don’t start back up on your diet tomorrow– start today.


Sean Mayes writes freelance for eCiggy about health and wellness. He enjoys Crossfit and walking with his two pups.

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