February 21, 2017

Fantastic Ways To Maintain A Healthy Back

The older we get, the more fragile our back will become. In fact, back aches and pains are some of the main complaints of middle-aged people. So how do you maintain good back health? Here are some of our top tips to help your back feel better for longer.

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by Scot Webb

Lift Heavy Objects Correctly

There are many ways that your workplace could be affecting your back. If you damage your back at work, you should contact a Back Injury Lawyer. But just because you hurt your back at work doesn’t mean it is your employer’s fault. One of the main reasons people hurt themselves at work is because they don’t lift heavy objects correctly. Try not to bend forward when lifting. And make sure your knees are always bent. Lift like this, and your back won’t hurt so much!

Don’t Sleep On Your Back

When you sleep on your back, you are adding extra pressure to your spine. This will have a negative effect on your back health if you continue to sleep this way. If you are unable to sleep in any other position, you can make sleeping on your back better for you by placing a pillow under your knees. If you sleep on your side, you should try sleeping with a pillow in between your legs as well. This can also help to relieve the pressure on your back while you sleep.

Stop Smoking

Smokers suffer from considerable more back pain than non-smokers. This is because the nicotine from the cigarettes cuts down the amount of blood flow to the back. When the back discs don’t get enough oxygen from the blood, it can cause a lot of discomfort and pain in the back.

Sleep On A Good Bed

As well as sleeping in the right position, you also need to sleep on the correct bed. It really does pay off to invest in a good-quality bed and mattress. If they aren’t giving your back the support that it needs, it will be much more prone to aches and pains. When you are shopping for a new bed or mattress, it is very important that you go into a shop and ask for advice from the shop assistants. You will also be able to lie down on the different mattresses that they have on sale. That way, you can get a feel for each one to see which is better suited for you.

Think About How You Carry Shopping

Next time you go to the supermarket, you should take a rucksack with you. Pack all your heavy items into the rucksack so that you carry them home on your back. If you carry heavy shopping bags, the weight can end up causing your spine to lean over to one side. It’s also important not to wear sling bags too often, as these have the same effect as heavy shopping bags.

Hopefully, this blog post will have given you lots of great advice to beat back pains and aches!

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