February 16, 2017

Fall Fitness Lifestyle

Just because it’s sweater weather doesn’t mean you can hide those few extra pounds behind layers of clothing. If the end of summer and the beginning of the busy months of autumn have left you less-than-satisfied with your body, now’s the perfect time to get into a workout regimen. Especially because getting into healthy habits now will help you stay motivated throughout the winter. Check out these tips for making this fall your healthiest season yet.

1.      Perfect Weather

The crisp fall air makes exercising outdoors a real treat. No need to feel like you need to run a marathon, start by taking a walk or going for a hike. The cool temperatures will keep you comfortable and the change of seasons provides the perfect backdrop for a day outdoors.

In areas where snowfall comes early, try skiing or snowshoeing. If you live in a more temperate climate, take advantage of the cooler weather and hit the beach for sand soccer or volleyball.

2.      The Kids are at School!

With the kiddos back in school, parents may have a little extra time on their hands. Use this time to sign up for an exercise class or to hit the gym. Parents deserve to do something for themselves—why not do something that’s good for your body and sanity?

Use the weekends with the kids to get outdoors. Head to the park or set off on a leaf-collecting adventure. This will occupy the children and keep everyone active and away from the television set.

3.      TV Time Can Be Workout Time

Speaking of television, fall is season premiere time for many of our favorite shows. Instead of becoming a couch potato, be an active TV viewer. If you belong to a gym or have a treadmill or bike at home, tune in to your shows while running or biking.

If you don’t have access to any equipment, jog in place or do lunges throughout the show. During commercials hit the ground for push-ups or sit-ups.

4.      Photo Op Prep

Fall is the perfect time to prep for the upcoming holiday season. The impending parties, events, and photo ops galore are certainly enough encouragement to get some people moving. If that’s not enough for you, find your motivation, whether it’s losing weight, decreasing you cholesterol through healthy eating and exercise, strengthening and toning or preparing for a race or event.

Create a challenge for yourself and set goals along the way to keep you motivated. Reward yourself with a massage, a new outfit, or concert tickets when you reach certain milestones. Remember, nothing worth having is easy to obtain.

5.      Make it a Lifestyle Change

Making something a true habit takes about a month of regular participation in the activity. Those first 30 days will be the most difficult days to get going and the easiest to quit. Be prepared to fight your own excuses—lack of time, stress, tiredness, dark mornings, etc. If you really want to make a change, put your daily workout on the calendar and hold yourself to it.

Tell others about your goals or better yet, get a workout buddy. They’ll hold you accountable and encourage you, especially during that first month.

Finally, find something you enjoy doing and it will make those tough days much more bearable. So if running isn’t your thing, try biking or swimming or playing soccer. Just get moving!

Guest author Maggie Voelker, holds a BS in Kinesiology and Health. A self-proclaimed health nut, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Maggie works as a writer in Indianapolis for a discount sunglasses provider.


  1. This is a super time of year to discover new hobbies that would otherwise be alien to you! Its lovely to get outdoors at this time of year and take up hiking or walking. These are just two examples of the great things you can do to spend time.

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