February 16, 2017

Facts about Proactive System and Acne Problems

Acne is a skin problem that cannot get cured right after a prescribed medicine has been applied. Acne is not something that can be instantly gone with just a mere medication applied once. Long after the disappearance of the pimples the person should continuously use that treatment to help stop the problem from occurring again. The dermatologists who have become experts made another breakthrough in treating acne in a safe procedure and still being very effective. In the field of dermatology there is a procedure called the combination therapy that makes use of other medicines in just a single system to quickly heal the pimples and prevent them from coming back.

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There are many people young and old who are afflicted with this skin problem. A good ninety percent of most teenagers get acne. It usually starts at a young age as soon as the puberty starts. The acne can still develop in people who are in their twenties or thirties. Women with varying levels of hormones can also get afflicted with acne. Among adult there is an estimate of one in four persons aged between twenty five and forty five to develop acne and most women in their adult life experience either mild acne or just the moderate acne.


Up to now there is no single known cure for the pimple and blemishes. The only to not getting them is to have a good way for prevention. The key to avoid the scars from acne is to treat them just as they appear and long after the acne disappears the treatment must be continued. Proactive system is the safest and most effective way in treating acne. Many people have attested that pimples and other skin problems don’t get bigger as soon as Proactive system is used continuously.


Other Medications for Acne

In many cases of acne most dermatologists choose the medications that are topical. Doctors can advise taking antibiotics for the nodular kind of acne and even Accutane for the worst case of acne problem. The accutane and the antibiotics taken orally cannot just cure and make acne disappear. They are just like the topical medicines that can keep the problem under control. It is worth noting that Accutane is the medication taken orally and is the strongest type which can also give good results however the side effects can also be strong. Some side effects include damage on the liver, defects for unborn babies on pregnant women and sometimes make the patients depressed. The patients taking this medicine must always be under the supervision of the doctor which usually lasts for five months.


Proactive System or Solution can stop and cure the current acne problem and help prevent formation of new ones. It is formulated with mild ingredients for skin exfoliation and removing the excessive oil in the face. Despite the fact that it is mild the solution maintains effective. The Proactive Solution can be taken all on its own or can be taken with another prescribed medicine by a dermatologist.


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  1. Very nice introduction to what acne are, their causes and treatment. Home remedies are always the best way to treat small issues. However, if conditions get severe, it is advisable to visit a doctor for proper treatment. You have to be careful during any medication and keep an eye on its effects as some medications like accutane may lead to severe side effects if not noticed on time.

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