February 21, 2017

Eye Problems Among College Students

College students face many challenges. These include a competitive job market in challenging economic times and balancing class work while still finding time for a social life. Eye problems also have a tendency to be common among college students.  Eye problems among college students may stem from several sources including:


• Spending several hours in front of a computer screen

• Studying or using a laptop in rooms with poor lighting

• Glare from a computer screen

• Distance from the computer screen

• Poor posture

• Lack of a sufficient amount of blinking to keep the eyes moist

• Lack of a proper amount of sleep


Eye Strain


Common health issues among college students include stress, depression and anxiety. These same issues may contribute to eye problems. One of the most common eye problems among college students is eye strain, which may cause an eye muscle imbalance. Symptoms of eye strain include:


• Burning, itching of the eyes

• Dry eyes

• Watery eyes

• Neck pain

• Back pain

• Shoulder pain

• Blurry/double vision

• Sensitivity to light


Widespread use of computers or phones with computer access may cause additional issues with eye strain. Some of these symptoms may include trouble shifting focus from computer documents to paper documents, and “after images” when you turn your glance away from the computer screen. A college student should take eye strain seriously when symptoms include eye discomfort, headaches, double vision or a noticeable change in vision. While college students do not usually put health concerns first, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend regular eye exams for people of all ages.


Computer Vision Syndrome


Prolonged hours in front of a computer screen, not uncommon among college students, may result in a disorder known as CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome. According to the American Optometric Association, symptoms of CVS may include:


• Redness and blurred vision or double vision

• Headaches or fatigue

• Dry eyes

• Combination of head, shoulder and neck pain


Proper Eye Care


It is important to begin an early habit of taking good care of your eyes to avoid problems later in life. Preventative eye care among college students generally includes:


• Regular eye exams

• Taking regular breaks AWAY from the computer

• Adjusting your computer’s brightness, monitor height, distance, etc.

• Using artificial tears to lubricate the eyes on a regular basis

• Adjust lighting or changing the location of the computer if there is glare




Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.


  1. English Language Course says:

    I totally agree with this information and it’s very useful information among every students. These eye issues are not only for students it’s also will effect to every workers who is always using computers. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  2. The info given by you about the eyes care symptoms its really interesting. Everyone are facing the eye problems in young generation, especially the college student who are addicted to the computers (learning and researching).

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