February 21, 2017

Exercise Your Beauty Options

Exercise your beautyThere’s nothing quite like looking all nice when you get to the gym so you can wink at that cute guy who always checks you out, only to discover that you look like a raccoon that went for a swim! Your makeup has betrayed you. Again. If you don’t have a lot of time to work out, having to spend 15 minutes of your gym time re-applying makeup before you rejoin the human race can be frustrating. Fortunately, you have options.

Start With the Basics

Although no make-up is completely sweat-proof, you can begin your daily beauty regimen with sweat-resistant foundation on days you know you’re going to be working out. Some brands also offer sun protection, so if you’re out in the sun, you can walk confidently, knowing that your skin won’t be tomato red and you will look as beautiful as you started when you go out to face the world. Some things to look for on the label that can help with the problem of sweat and oil that make your makeup just fall off include: oil-absorbing, oil-free and water-resistant. If you lose less, there’s less to sweat off, so moderation is key.


So you can avoid looking like the afore-mentioned raccoon, waterproof mascara is best. However, you really should use this in moderation and only on the days you need it. Daily use will dry out your lashes and make them more brittle, so even the best lengthening mascara in the world won’t give them the length you want.If you use liner, purchase a liquid waterproof liner, which will stay better than pencil and won’t run like other products. You can also find waterproof eye shadow, which you can use as you normally. You don’t need a lot of these products and since they set quickly, you won’t need to retouch them throughout the day.


One of the best trends in lipstick for a girl on the go is tinted lip balm. Not only will this keep your lips hydrated, they have a touch of color and it’s easy to reapply. Even better, it’s not like a lot of color-stay lipsticks that feel like you ate a crayon. You can wear it over or in place of your regular lipstick, so it’s easy to adapt to your routine.

Finishing Touches

Powder gel is an amazing little product that you can wear under or over your makeup. If you wear it over your makeup, it’ll keep your makeup from running. If you wear it under, it helps to naturally absorb some of your sweat and your skin’s natural oils.

Wash It Off

An important skincare step that you can never overlook is properly cleaning your skin. Especially when you wear sweat-resistant makeup, which attaches to your skin more securely than other products. Consider natural cleansers and abide by a two-step routine that includes cleansing and exfoliation so your natural beauty has the chance to shine.

Making your skin look its best can make you more confident and more beautiful. So, whether you’re picking the kids up to school, heading to a meeting or angling for the number of the guy at the gym, wearing the right makeup can make your skin healthier and give you the boost you need to get through the day.

Byline: Cindi Lewis writes for GLOSSY a skin care brands and beauty products online retailer.

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