February 15, 2017

Ensure Your Elderly Relative Stays In Good Health For As Long As Possible With These Tips

It’s hard to think about our relatives getting old. After all, they have always been there to help us. But now it’s time to return the favor and make sure they have a healthy elderly life. After all, you want to ensure they stick around for as long as possible! However, a lot of people don’t know how they can provide assistance. Therefore, here are some tips to ensure your elderly relative stays in good health for as long as possible.


Make sure they have a good social life

So many older people get lonely in later life. After all, when friends pass on and family moves away, it means they see a lack of individuals. And if they don’t have much social interaction in their life, it can affect their health. For one thing, it might increase their chances of getting depression. And they are more likely to get a health issue like dementia with a lack of communication. And people who don’t have a thriving social life tend to age quicker. Therefore, you should make sure your elderly relative has a good social life. You might want to take them out a couple of days a week to ensure they have social interaction. Even if you can’t be around every day, at least ring them to see how they are. Also, you could sign them up for a few clubs. They might make some new friends. and it will boost their mood.

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Ensure they give up work when necessary

People are working later in life in the modern world. It’s not uncommon for people to still be in the workplace in their early 70’s. And although there are some benefits to working later in life (keeps the brain ticking away and ensures social interaction), it can be damaging to your elderly relative’s health. If it’s an active role, they might end up getting injured. Or if it’s a high-stress job, it could also have a negative impact on their mental health. Therefore, talk to your relative about the possibility of retiring. There are many ways they can still get enough money while being retired. And there are plenty of things they can do with the time such as traveling or volunteering. You can read more about retirement on our previous blog.

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Make sure they can safely move around the home

It’s so important to make sure your elderly relative’s house is safe for them. After all, if you want to keep their health intact, they need to be able to move around without getting into danger. For one thing, you could consider getting bathroom rails installed. That way, they can use the bathing quarters without a potential fall. You ought to make sure there are some emergency lines in place. That way, if your elderly relative gets into trouble, they can press the buzzer and get some help. Also, if they live in a home with an upstairs, you might want to get them a stairlift. That way, they can safely get to their bedroom and bathroom. And don’t forget to look into a three wheel walker for your elderly relative. It can ensure they stay mobile and independent, even when they aren’t so able.

Encourage them to still stay active

People in later life start doing less exercise. After all, they get tired easier so are more likely to spend time in front of their TV. But you need to ensure they stay active so that they live a healthy life. Therefore, you might want to look into classes they could go to which have been designed to help the elderly to stay fit. Or when you go round to see them, you could suggest the two of you go for a walk. That way, they get some essential exercise into their life so that they can stay healthy.

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Make sure they are eating a healthy diet

When people get older, their food habits can go downhill. After all, they don’t bother to cook when it’s just them in their home. And they might stick to quick frozen dinners which don’t take long to cook in the microwave. However, if you want to make sure your elderly relative stays in good health, you need to ensure they are eating a healthy diet. You ought to explain to them about great recipes you are making. Or you could even send over a few healthy dinners which they can consume. That way, you know that they are getting all their essentials nutrients.

Treat them like they are young at heart

A lot of people can go wrong by going OTT when it comes to helping their elderly relative. And it can actually make their health deteriorate as they think they can’t do things for themselves anymore. In fact, as this article says, it can make them even more depressed. Therefore, to ensure your relative stays in good health, you need to make sure you treat them like they are still capable. After all, it can spur them on to remain in good health. And make sure you compliment them on their efforts to help boost their mood!

Ensure they visit the doctors and dentist

When people get older, they can start to incur more health issues. But for a lot of seniors, their pride can stop them going to the doctors. However, to ensure they stay in good health, they need to go to appointments and chat about their symptoms. After all, the doctor might diagnose something that can be treated better if found early. You might want to suggest you go along too as it might give them the courage to go. And remember that it’s not just the doctor; older people need to go to see the dentist too! In fact, they should be seeing the hygienist if they aren’t cleaning their teeth properly. After all, good teeth can do wonders for your health!

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And remember to ensure your elderly relative is safe on the roads. After all, you don’t want them to drive if they are going to get into an accident due to their erratic driving. If they do need to give up the driving, ensure that you get them travel alternatives such a bus pass so that they can get out on the road.

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