February 15, 2017

How to Enhance your Intake with Protein Powder

Are you hoping to enhance your welfare, up your energy, maintain a stable metabolism and blood sugar level?

Increasing your protein intake will definitely actualize it!

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Proteins are stretched chains of amino acids, which some can be manufactured by your body system while the rest is gotten from the food you eat.

The kind of amino-acid produced by the body system is regarded as non-essential, and is not enough for the body to execute its functions.

Absence of these amino-acids will result to weakness, poor concentration and memory, poor muscle building, mood swings, unbalanced blood sugar levels, and trouble maintaining or losing weight.

A case study by PubMed.gov explained deficiency of protein S as a life-threatening problem in the body’s protective mechanism against activated coagulation, likewise other forms of protein.

This is why most people are now seeking for other means of getting the complete amino-acid, which can be gotten from various foods.

These amino acids can be gotten from variety of food plants like beans, vegetable, and more especially from animals.

Though you might be taking in enough protein as a whole, but it’s important to know the appropriate kind you ought to take in. This as a result has made the use of protein powder more popular, as they come in a variety of kinds with appropriate ratio mix.

And also, for its economical and variety of choices to choose from, it has become a more preferable source of protein.

Though there are various choices to choose from, it’s advised that you know the level of protein your body needs as it differs from individuals.

Since protein can be gotten from most natural food, the tendency of excessive consumption of protein is very high. Therefore, it’s important to always choose an appropriate protein powder if you wish to improve you protein intake.

According to a case study report, it revealed that excessive intake of protein can cause renal damage and lots of other health issues. Therefore, seeking medical advice in choosing a protein powder is advised to avoid cases of supplement side effect.

A statistic report shows that 87% of athletes make use of supplements, but only 4.8% seeks for medical advice.

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Are you worried about choosing the right protein powder for your personal use?

If yes, below are some tips that will help you out if adhered to:

I).   Search for protein powder with extra added value. Some protein powders have higher nutritional value than others, because they contain more beneficial ingredients like chia, flax, acai, and some other superfoods.

II).   It’s best to choose protein powder with no sugar, as some protein powder contains harmful sweeteners that can cause diabetes. It is important to always read the ingredient list to find out those that have no sugar.

A good protein powder should contain stevia and monk fruit extract.

III).   Avoid protein powder that contains GMOs and pesticides at all cost. Instead, choose organic protein because they are always free from GMOs and pesticides.

IV).   Always check out the ingredient list to know if you’re allergic to its contents.

And now, you have the right protein powder for your use, then how best can you make use of it and still benefit greatly from its contents?

Despite its benefits, most people are still faced with the challenge of getting the best out of it. The way you use your protein powder determines your intake per serving.

Ancient way of using it is commonly in a protein shake or smoothie. But experiment proves that there are better ways which am about to introduce to you in this article.

1).   Pancakes

pancake desert

Protein pancakes are more common among bodybuilders, because of its convenient and appetizing nature.

Though it might seem strange to you, especially when this is your first time of hearing of it, but it’s worth giving a try.

Getting it done still remains as easy as making your normal pancake, it only requires an extra replacement of ingredient.


Mix a scoop of protein powder instead of flour with one egg, a pinch of baking soda, and then place in a frying pan, either in oil or butter.

For a vegan version use two tablespoons of almond butter in place of one egg.

You can enjoy your fresh hot pancake with strawberry and vinegar.

2).   Mug Cakes

mug cake desert

Mug cake is a highly fancied dessert by most people, commonly preferred for its low-calorie.

Do you know you can use your protein powder to make an irresistible mug cake, and increase your protein intake per serving?

You might not be familiar with this, but I bet you will thank me later for this recipe:

Pour in a cup of protein powder, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, two full drops of liquid stevia, a pinch of baking powder, some cinnamon, and two tablespoons of coconut flour in a mixer and mix.

When it’s well mixed, add 1/4cup of no-dairy milk, a tablespoon of peanut, and whisk till it becomes creamy and smoothie.

Get a mug of your choice and spray with non-stick spray, and then pour the creamy mixture into the mug and cook in a microwave for about 80 seconds to 90 seconds.

3).   Coffee

coffee drink

A well blended mix of coffee with protein powder is another distinctive way of utilizing protein powder. The exceptional taste makes it irresistible and cool to drink.

Using 1-2 tablespoons of protein powder, such as vanilla in your morning coffee can give you the same appeal as powdered creamers would.

Here’s an easy recipe you can use:

Prepare your normal coffee and pour into a mug allowing 2.5 inches space above.

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of your protein powder either vanilla, chocolate or any other flavor of your choice, and beat with fast strokes using a fork.

Continue until you obtain a creamy and smooth mixture, and finally enjoy your unique protein coffee.

4).   Green smoothie

green smothie drink

Do you know you can still enjoy your green smoothie with protein powder?

This might sound awful, but it’s not. It’s same as blending your non-dairy milk with green smoothie.

However, with the great nutrient content of green smoothie blended with protein powder, you’re in for greater value of nutrients.

In case you’re wondering on how to get it done, here is an easy recipe that will guide you through.

Blend two cups of baby spinach with half a frozen banana, half cup of frozen berries, one tablespoon of raw cocoa powder, a little quantity of stevia, one scoop of protein powder, and a little cinnamon

Then add a cup of non-dairy milk, ice and blend.

Finally, the real deal about protein powder is that it’s an ideal and healthy way to enhance your protein intake without having to eat a lot of food in search of protein.

Always seek for advice from a dietitian or a doctor for a measurable consumption.

About the author: Tag David is a health and healthy living passionate person, and the co-founder of kitchawoof.


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