February 21, 2017

Embarrassing Body Problems That You Must Tell Your Doctor About

Many of us find it quite easy to pop to the doctor with an injury that causes us pain. And we’re fairly willing to make an appointment when we’re feeling run down and under the weather. So why is it we hide away problems that involve those more private areas of our body? And if the symptoms include things that cause us embarrassment we’re even less likely to tell someone about it.


Embarrassing body problems can include incontinence, boils, and growths in more intimate areas. It might include difficulties with relationships too. We’re all different. What fazes one person could be something another is willing to deal with more openly. But if you’re embarrassed by what is going on with your body, chances are you’ll avoid going to the doctor. It’s only when the problem prevents you living your life normally that you may finally address it.

There are many embarrassing problems that could be something far more serious than you expected. Bladder problems affect men and women. A simple infection can make your urine smell extremely strong and unpleasant. You may have a lot of pain all the time. And you may even struggle to control your bladder. All of these things add up to an embarrassing problem that can also lead to more ill health.

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Some urologists strongly recommend putting your embarrassment aside. This could ensure serious conditions like cancer and kidney stones are treated promptly. Incontinence is awful but could be a warning sign for something significant. You might be fearful of what that serious condition might be. But many serious conditions are treatable. You can learn about prostate cancer treatment and how other illnesses are treated online. Until you have seen your specialist, there is no way to be sure what is causing your embarrassing symptoms.

Lumps, bumps, growths and boils are painful. They can also appear unsightly to you. And if they’re somewhere on your body that is particularly painful, it can be hard to hide. While many problems like this are nothing serious to worry about, many people avoid having them treated due to their shyness. But if you are upset by it, or it is affecting your lifestyle or relationships, it is essential you have them looked at. Body worries can lead to anxiety and depression.

Wind is a common symptom of digestion. But some people can suffer flatulence that is difficult to keep quiet! If your body is rebelling against your diet on a regular basis, it’s important you ask your doctor for some advice. Indigestion can also be quite painful. Food intolerances can often be the cause, but it is tricky to figure out what it is on your own. However, serious conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and intestinal parasites may be the cause of your gas. Until you ask your doctor to investigate you may continue to suffer.

It’s not easy plucking up the courage to speak to a doctor about an embarrassing problem. But most doctors really have seen it all. They’re not going to be fazed by whatever you present to them. But they will be keen to help you overcome your symptoms and ensure your good health.

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