February 15, 2017

EKG Machines

Some of the most common pieces of equipment used in medical practices are Electrocardiography Machines, or EKG machines. The machine is an external device with anywhere between 2-12 electrodes that are placed on the skin around the chest and on the arms and legs. The electrodes gather information about specific parts of the human heart and transmit the data to a monitoring device. The data is also printed on paper that the doctor can use to examine the health of the heart. The technology has become so advanced that doctors can pinpoint precisely where there is an area for concern on the heart.

An EKG machine is the best equipment for identifying abnormal rhythms in the human heart. The information gathered can help doctors monitor a patient and accurately diagnose them. EKG equipment can help detect several types of heart disorders such as prior heart attacks, electrolyte disturbances, valve disease, coronary artery disease, and other numerous cardiac problems.


If you are looking for medical equipment in San Diego, there are several types of EKG machines and accessories to choose from. Ambulances must always carry a portable EKG machine while the hospital will have a fully mounted machine with a printer. The older and more basic models are non-interpretive but the newer technology and more common devices are able to electronically interpret the date from the electrodes and identify the conditions. Doctors are still trained to interpret the graphs, but a high quality machine can help speed up the process. There are several popular manufacturers that make a range of EKG equipment including GE, ACS, Marquette, HP, Burdick, Medgraphics, Philips, and more.


EKG Accessories

  • EKG Battery: The lithium-ion battery is vital to keep the machine running properly. It is important to check the age and life of your battery to ensure the equipment doesn’t fail during use.
  • EKG Cables: High quality cables are necessary to efficiently transfer the data between the electrodes and the monitor, and are also important in preventing any electrical shocks. Older or poor quality cables should be replaced immediately.
  • EKG Clips: Keeping electrodes in place and not having to apply pressure when attached to the cables is accomplished by using quality clips. Different types of electrodes will generally require specific types of clips, but having quality clips on hand is important nonetheless.
  • EKG Electrodes: There are several types of electrodes that EKG machines use including disposable, reusable, needle, and active electrodes among others. These are the most important accessories on an EKG machine. It is extremely important that they are thoroughly tested to prevent error in the data being collected.
  • EKG Paper: Modern technology doesn’t depend on the old stylus used before. Now the quality EKG paper can print at speeds of 25 mm/second and faster. Each EKG system needs a specific size and quality of paper, and you will want to have a large supply on hand.


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