February 21, 2017

Drink cocoa

Let’s come back in childhood and again try taste of cocoa which is really very healthy. Even sometimes instead of going out without breakfast, drink cocoa which will give you energy.

Cocoa contains:

– antioxidants

– proteins

– fat

– alkaloids: theobromine and little caffeine; theobromine acts mild stimulating organism and regenerates body after physical activities and after stress

– potassium

– magnesium

– phosphor

– zinc

– vitamins

In shops on regals you can notice wide choice of these products.   How to choose a good cocoa?

First- cocoa should be dark (dark brown color) ! Only darker cacao has more antioxidants.

Second- choose clean, real cacao, don’t buy cacao instant which is only so easy to prepare. It’s worthy to give effort to have later better result which will be felt. Cocoa instant is composed of: sugar, around 18% cacao, salt, aroma,  emulsifier. Instant cocoa is nearly only sugar plus chemical additives.

How to prepare great cocoa without lupms?

– boil little milk in small pot

– next pour and dissolve cocoa

– in the end after dissolving add cold milk

– if you can’t drink without sugar, you can add little and choose alone your  proper dose

During dosing you will add less sugar than is present in instant cocoa.

Enjoy your drink :)

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