February 21, 2017

Don’t Let The Wintery Months Effect You

Nowadays, most of us have hectic lifestyles and can find it hard to make time to look after ourselves which can make our bodies feel and look tired. When we are on the go, it’s easier, quicker and a more tempting choice to snack on chocolate instead of fruit, eat a ready meal instead of a home cooked one, or even manage to fall asleep without removing all of our makeup off first!

Sometimes we just need some ‘me time’ to pick ourselves up again, ready to face the world the next day. Looking after ourselves on the inside can really make us feel great on the outside. There are some things we can go to help improve our bodies and skin.


Eat your five a day

After a hard day at work, fruit and veg are probably the last things on your mind to eat, but there’s a reason why experts are always encouraging people to eat it. Fruit and veg are packed with antioxidants which give you many health benefits, and getting your five a day means that your body will have the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.


Drink lots of water

To avoid dehydration and for our bodies to work well, we need water. We lose water all the time, through sweat, exercising, in our urine and even through evaporation when we breathe. Therefore we need to replace that water to stay healthy. Drinking water assists your body to flush out the toxins, which not only keeps you hydrated, but helps you achieve bright and clear skin.

At work, keep a big bottle of water handy by your desk to encourage you to drink it and measure how much you are drinking.



There are many treatments around to help us feel pampered including, painless laser treatments in Surrey, spray tans, botox and derma fillers or manicures and pedicures. Some treatments are more painful and time consuming than others, but sometimes we just need a treat for some ‘me time’ – having a new haircut or manicure can make us feel great and aren’t too expensive.



Getting our trainers on and exercising can boost metabolism and also release our endorphins to make us feel happy. Get motivated by joining classes or a ‘boot camp’ style course – there’s something for every single one of us to enjoy. It might be hard at the beginning, but you’ll soon love the exercise and be able to fit it into your daily routine.

If you are thinking of starting an activity or have a treatment, make sure you do your research and speak to an expert first to avoid any injuries.

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