February 21, 2017

Ditch the Diet Fads: 6 Lifestyle Changes That Will Actually Help You Keep Weight Off

In today’s “eat and run” culture, it can be hard to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight is even harder. Many people who try fad diets fail to experience permanent weight loss, and their bodies often suffer from poor nutrition.

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Weight is a balancing act with a simple equation. When people eat more calories than they burn, they gain weight. If they eat fewer calories than they burn, they lose weight. Extreme diets make weight loss harder than it has to be. The key to successful, healthy weight loss is to ditch the diet fads and make a lifestyle change. Check this out: here are six lifestyle changes that can actually help people shed pounds and keep them off for good.

1. Lifestyle Change

Dieters who think “lifestyle change” instead of “short term diet” have more success losing weight and keeping it off. Weight loss becomes a permanent lifestyle change when they make a commitment to healthier living. This is really the first step to weight loss and management.

2. Portion Control

Although the commitment to healthier living is the first step toward weight loss, dieters cannot ignore the topic of food. Popular diets can jumpstart weight loss for some people, but they are not a permanent solution. Portion control can make a huge difference no matter what diet plan someone follows. It can shave hundreds of calories a day and trim inches off the waist, thighs and hips.

3. Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts are much healthier than dwelling on food, calories and weight loss. Many dieters obsess about the foods they can or cannot eat. The fact is that most people can find healthy alternatives wherever they choose to dine. Turning negative thoughts into positive ones can encourage dieters and keep them on track as they pursue their weight loss goals.

4. Goal Setting

Speaking of goals, it is important for dieters to have them. For many people, it is helpful to have short-term goals as well as a long-term, “big picture.” Goals keep dieters motivated. When temptation strikes or frustration looms, dieters will have many victories and benefits to lean on.

5. Record Keeping

Studies show that dieters who keep records can, in some cases, double their weight loss. Food journals and weight records help people track their progress. Seeing their progress in “black and white” is another way to stay motivated.

6. More Movement

Most weight loss efforts are helped by exercise. The key is to find an enjoyable activity and stick with it. Fortunately, lifestyle activities count just as much as an exercise class, jogging track or gym. Activities like taking a walk at lunch or using the stairs instead of the elevator are healthy ways to move more during the day.

Closing Thoughts

Dieters do not have to follow strict diets or strenuous workout programs to lose weight and keep it off. A few healthy lifestyle changes like the ones mentioned here can get them on the road to permanent weight loss. A commitment to healthier living can help them keep the weight off.

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