February 22, 2017

Diet for Nails

To achieve nice, healthy looking nails you should modify your diet, because cosmetics aren’t sufficient.

If you have weak, bifurcating nails, it can be sign that you don’t care proper or in your diet is too less nutrients which are so important in good growing.

The most common problems with nails are present in:

– infectious diseases or during convalescence,

– intestines disorders: Crohn disease, Ulcerosa colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,

– disorders of organs (f.e.: problems with thyroid),

– winter, because it’s hard to get fresh fruits and vegetables,

– bad habits in nutrition,

– weight loosing, anorexia, bulimia,

– smoking,

– stress.

Nails grow up every day- 1mm per week and for their condition important are: proteins, calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, zinc, potassium, biotin, vitamins: A, E, B, F and sulfur.

When your nails are cracked and bifurcated. It can be caused by your diet and bad habits in nutrition, problems with blood circulation, problems with ovaries or stress. Nails are dry, because have too less fatty substances which keep water in nail plate. They need also magnesium and silicon- minerals responsible for harder nails.

How to improve condition of nails and remove bifurcating:

– in your diet should be found: leafy vegetables: chicory, spinach, lettuce (they are rich in vitamins: B1, B2, C, E, iron and pro-vitamin A,

– eat nuts, they contain zinc, magnesium, sulfur,

– liver which has iron, cooper and zinc, vitamin B12,

– cheese has vitamin A and B12,

– don’t forget about tomatoes which are rich in lycopene, vitamin C and zinc. Tomatoes can be eaten without limits, because they aren’t caloric.

When your nails are weak with discolorations. This problem can be connected with zinc deficiency. So you should add to your diet: fishes, sea fruits, meat, eggs, mushrooms, soy, sunflower.

Stripes on nails can be caused by improper balance in nutrition. It means that you ate too much carbohydrates and salt during deficient in supplying important protein and fat. It can be signal that organism can have problem with kidneys, liver and digestive system.

White discoloration may inform about eliminating sugar, honey, fructose, chocolate, alcohol or about improper done manicure with using metallic stuff.

Lateral recess may be caused by changed diet or changed climate.

Deficient of magnesium can be improved by eating milk products, leafy vegetables, products with whole grains and chocolate.

Iron is present in red meat, cheese.

Essential vitamins B we can find in: broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouch, corn, paprika, avocado, banana, soy, almonds.

Silicon is very important for proper growing and to supply this element we have to eat carrots, parsley, celery and products with whole grains.

Remember that best absorbed minerals, vitamins are from natural fruits and vegetables. First try to modify your diet for nails instead of buying new and next supplements in pills. If you will not see result, visit your doctor.

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