February 21, 2017

Decorative Painting Ideas for Kid’s Furniture

Parents of today are becoming more and more imaginative when it comes to decorating their children rooms. The possibilities for expressing your child’s interest through decor are endless these days, although those on a budget usually turn to decorative painting when they want to easily, quickly and affordable create a fun theme and enhance the look of the room. With all the techniques and products available to us now, there is no excuse to have a boring, generic room anymore – especially if it’s a kid’s room!

Are you re-decorating your little girl’s room? She will be so delighted to find her once ordinary bed headboard transformed into a true princess castle, or the dressers turned into “enchanted” tree stumps. In fact, many artists often continue a mural that they are painting on the wall to include the furniture pieces in the room to create a truly unique, realistic, three-dimensional effect. But if you are looking for something simpler and not as involved as a full-blown mural, you can just paint the furniture in fun, bold colors (think primary red, yellow, turquoise) – it can be a solid color, or one broken with multi-colored stripes or checker patterns.

Boys’ dressers can also be transformed from basic pieces of furniture into something of true interest to the boy with the use of creative decorative painting. That once ordinary dresser can be painted to resemble a cool Nascar tool box, a construction site or even a tackle box. With some imagination, anything is possible to recreate on a dresser or chest to please the little man in your life.

For your older children, you can use decorative painting to turn a dresser, desk or headboard into something any teenager would be proud of. Create a one of a kind crackle effect, age the dresser to turn it into an old world charm piece, faux marbleize the headboard or paint something fun on the desk – like surf boards (for the boys) or shopping bags (for the girls).

The best part about decorating kids’ furniture with paint? You absolutely do not have to be an artist – especially these days, when there are hundreds of websites and magazines available that you can browse for ideas to duplicate, and many craft stores that offer a wide variety of paints, brushes and stencil kits to help you every step of the way in creating a truly unique look.


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