February 21, 2017

How to Cope With Your Child’s Misdiagnosis

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A significant number of medical malpractice lawsuits are at the heart of a medical misdiagnosis. Whether your child was wrongly diagnosed or their treatment was delayed, you could be going through a series of varying emotions. An incorrect diagnosis could also cause more harm to the patient by worsening their condition. However, finding productive ways to cope can help in your child’s healing.

Legal Action

There are a number of reasons behind a child’s medical misdiagnosis. From failing to perform the right tests to behaving incompetently, a physician’s errors could lead to incorrect methods of treatment or no care at all. Because of the insufficient care, your child’s condition could worsen or they could possibly perish. While the laws don’t hold the doctors legally responsible for every error that they make, a personal injury attorney can prevail based on a wrong diagnosis.

They will typically take into account the existing physician-patient relationship, the doctor’s negligence when it came to the diagnosis and how their misdiagnosis caused further harm to the patient. A personal injury attorney can also strengthen your case by taking into account the methods that caused the physician to arrive at the final diagnostic conclusion. Errors can also occur in testing. Whether it was related to human error, and the test results were contaminated or the equipment was faulty, the wrongful actions can prove beneficial to your medical malpractice case.

These in-depth inquiries into your child’s misdiagnosis can also give you answers to the questions regarding your child’s declining health. This step alone can promote a healing process to help you and you family gain the strength needed to face the upcoming battles.

Support Groups and Therapy

Meeting with other parents whose children have been misdiagnosed can aid in releasing emotions of anxiety, guilt and pain. They can also help you mend together as a family. In addition to emotional support, support groups and therapy can also provide steps that will allow you the ability to move forward with your life. Whether you need tips on how to fight your case, seeking the right physician for your child’s illness or you want to find ways to heal as a family, you’ll find this can be a safe outlet for everyone.

Strengthen the Marriage

If your child’s outcome is serious, you may find that placing blame on a spouse or your significant other can make you feel better. Unfortunately, it can only add to your burden. In order to get through the trying times ahead, you want to forge a strong team with your partner. This can allow you to see things more clearly and help build a better case against the physician or hospital at the core of the misdiagnosis.

In order to do that, you want to begin by keeping the lines of communication open with your partner. Listen to each other’s concerns and feelings. You also want to work out a strategy that allows your child to receive the highest level of care, while still retaining some normalcy to the lives of your other children.

Thinking that your child is well and finding out that they were misdiagnosed can deal you a hefty blow. However, wallowing in self-pity won’t help your child in their recovery. With a knowledgeable personal injury attorney and strong support group, you’ll be able to find a positive resolution to your child’s medical misdiagnosis.

Writer Nadine Swayne understands how devastating an incorrect diagnosis for your child can be for you and your family. Building your support group, getting the legal advice needed and strengthening your family bonds will enable you to progress to a brighter future.

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