February 22, 2017

Continuous Glucose Monitors – Tracking Blood Sugar Levels for Better Health

Why Try a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

Many diabetic patients find that managing their diabetes symptoms is made much easier by the use of a continuous glucose monitor. These innovative devices provide near-instant feedback to diabetes patients and record blood sugar levels digitally, allowing readouts to be downloaded and analyzed by health care professionals. This can allow for more precise insulin dosing and better management of diabetes symptoms. Continuous glucose meters are one of the most effective new tools for maintenance and treatment of diabetes symptoms. If you’re a diabetic, whether type I or type II, consider investing in one of these pioneering new machines.

What Are the Benefits?
In some cases, patients who track their blood sugar with a continuous monitoring device can obtain feedback on dietary and exercise choices that can help them to practice healthier habits and control their diabetes symptoms more effectively. By immediately seeing the results of various foods and exercise activities on their blood sugar levels, some patients can learn to manage their diabetes symptoms and make more appropriate choices in their daily lives. This added level of control can also provide a sense of empowerment over diabetes that can help patients cope with the disease more easily.

Important to Know…
Fingerstick tests are still necessary even with a continuous monitor in place, as these delicate instruments typically require twice daily calibration for maximum accuracy. In most cases, fingerstick tests are required in order to verify certain readings of the continuous glucose meter. This is especially true in cases where hyperglycemic—very high blood sugar readings, or hypoglycemic—very low blood sugar readings, are registered, since these events can be dangerous if improperly treated. With low blood sugar comes risk of diabetic shock, coma and even death. With high blood sugar, long-term damage to a patient’s organs, including kidneys, eyes and hands and feet, is often the result.


In general, continuous blood sugar monitoring systems can provide valuable data to patients and medical personnel, but they should not be relied upon as a sole source of information on the current blood glucose levels present in the patient’s system. By carefully analyzing the recorded data and tracking blood sugar levels throughout the day, most patients can achieve better control of their diabetes symptoms and enjoy improved health as a result.


While it’s true that diabetes management isn’t always easy, it can be easier with the latest technologies.


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