February 21, 2017

Comfort Working At Computer Screens

Innocent girl on laptop

These days, it is almost shocking how many jobs involve staring at computer screens virtually all day. However, this is the way the world seems to be moving, and it appears that in the near future even more jobs will involve extended contact with computers. This is wonderful for many reasons: it allows more people to work with flexible hours or from home, it allows many jobs to get done more quickly, and it increases communication with regard to business. However, from a physical standpoint, working at a computer screen all day can be less than ideal. Specifically, it can cause a great deal of irritation in your eyes, and can even cause headaches in many cases. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to keep your eyes from getting too irritated if you work at a computer.

• Keep eye drops on hand whenever possible. Often, one of the effects of keeping your eyes wide open facing a computer screen is that the eyes dry out, and this in turn can cause irritation. While it would obviously be preferable to avoid irritation in the first place, having eye drops on hand to moisten your eyes can still save you from prolonged periods of discomfort.

• Along the lines of keeping your eyes moist and comfortable, you may also want to consider your contacts, if you wear them.  ACUVUE® contact lenses come in different styles, and some are better for certain vision problems or types of eyes. This means that the right pair of contact lenses may actually increase your comfort a great deal.

• Taking breaks is also essential. It always seems difficult during an intense workday to step away from your desk, but if you take 10 minutes every couple of hours and remove yourself from your workspace, you may actually find that your productivity increases. Not only can regular breaks make you less likely to “zone out” while working, but they can also save your eyes and head from aches.

• Finally, you should also consider the placement of your computer screen. Many people have a tendency to lean in close to their screens while working, but most find that keeping the screen at least two feet in front of the eyes can make a huge distance and be much more comfortable. Additionally, dimming the brightness setting on your screen can make the display far less abrasive for your eyes, and can increase your comfort.

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