February 16, 2017

Cheap Ways to stay Fit and Healthy

Stay fit and healthy is something that can end up costing a lot of money, when you add up all the expenses such as fitness gear, gym membership, healthy food, etc. There are ways to get around the big price tag though, and hopefully in this article we can inspire you to try new (and slightly cheaper ways) of making sure you’re keeping fit.

You don’t need a treadmill, just a pavement.

Celulite Work OutIf you’ve joined the gym mainly because of the treadmill – then why not consider just going on a normal jog? There is much more to look at when you jog outdoors and you’ll find you feel like you’ve achieved more too. It is totally free too.

Calories burnt: Average 100 calories per 1 mile jog.

Try walking to walk – instead of getting the bus / car / train.

RoadIf your office is within walking distance then why not walk there? Or why not walk halfway and then get the bus the other half? Something as simple as walking for an extra 20 minutes a day can have a real effect on your fitness levels, so if you enjoy walking then you should look into this. Put some music on and it’ll go by in no time.

Calories burnt: 80 calories per mile at an average walking pace

Walking the dog

Dog and ManSimilar point to the last point – if you have a dog then why not take them for a proper hour long walk twice a day? Find a nice public park that is scenic and you’ll enjoy walking around – and get walking.

Calories burnt: Average 250 calories per hour walking.

Spend an afternoon doing the housework

house cleaningDoing the housework and cleaning is a great calorie burner, even more so if you treat is as a work-out. Set aside an afternoon every week to really commit to the housework – hovering, dusting those high shelves, ironing, folding, washing and drying…. It’s physical activity after all!

Calories burnt: Average 150 calories burnt per afternoon’s housework!

Buy an at-home fitness DVD

These are a great alternative to gym membership or termly class membership (which can cost anyway from £40-100). You can pick up a cheap fitness DVD for as little as £5 – or better still have a look on Youtube for free!

Calories burnt: Average 400 calories per exercise session (hour)

Take fruit to work for snacking

The worst thing you can do at work when you’re trying to stay fit and healthy is to snack on biscuits and chocolate. Instead of doing this though, buy some fruit and take them with you instead. The sugar in fruit is natural sugar – so much better for you – and much better for keeping your energy levels up.

Calories saved: Avaerage 500 calories saved per day by snacking on fruit instead of sweets.

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