February 16, 2017

Changing Trends in Keeping Fit

Over the past few years the trend for keeping fit and maintaining our health has radically altered in the UK. Fitness has evolved and become an activity with greater social interaction and focus. This alteration means that gym owners now need to cater to the new, more collective approach to fitness. But how exactly can they do this?


In order to ensure that they remain successful, gym owners need to identify and target specific groups and activities within their industry. This means that they need to continually monitor the changing trends in keeping fit and market their products and services in accordance with this information. Ensuring that their clients remain happy and satisfied is the easiest way for a gym owner to remain successful.

How has Fitness evolved and why?

Over the past few years fitness has become a much more competitive industry. With an increased media focus on health issues such as obesity, fitness has begun to be one of the UK’s top priorities. The urge to stay healthy and maintain a physically fit body is also influenced by media attention on celebrities who exhibit these qualities, promoting health over indulgence.

Fitness has also become a more ‘shared’ experience. An increasing number of people – young and old – are grouping up before tackling the latest fitness regimes. Group targeted sessions are therefore more important than ever.

What are the latest trends?

As stated above, one of the latest trends is that of exercising within a group situation. Attending regular classes is one of the most popular ways for people to stay fit these days. The trend towards group activities increases the enjoyment of the regime for many people and converts an otherwise laborious task into a social event.

Other trends include the gravitation towards activities which are unusual or are a combination of different sports or regimes. Classes such as ‘kettlebells’, which provides cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training by using metal weights during ballistic exercise, are always going to be popular with those interested in trying something new. Other activities such as Tae-Bo combine different sports activities together (in this case tae kwon do and boxing) in order to provide both fitness and self defence.

What does this mean for gym owners?

Considering these changes in fitness regimes, gym owners need to make sure that they continually monitor trends closely in order to ensure that they remain up-to-date. Not only do gym owners need to make sure that they offer their clients access to the latest equipment, but also the latest classes and regimes.

As trends change some gyms may find they struggle to keep up. Piloting a large variety of classes is a good way for smaller gyms to decipher what will be popular in their area. These activities can then be offered on a regular basis. Offering different classes on a rotational system will also maintain variation, while ensuring that fully-trained gym advisors and professionals are on hand to offer assistance and guidance will improve the quality of the workout for those visiting the gym.

Rachel is a fitness blogger currently on the lookout for gyms for sale.

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