February 21, 2017

Change the way of Life to Change the Way You Look

Sedentary lifestyles, resistance towards physical exercise, large dependence on junk foods, regular intake of fried and fast foods along with cold drinks, etc. are all responsible for making young people susceptible to gaining weight. Excess weight gain results in young people becoming overweight and this often results in becoming obese. Weighing a bit on the heavier side does not make a person overweight, but piling on extra pounds more than being healthy definitely counts on being overweight. Being overweight and subsequently obese has reached astronomical statistics nowadays and apart from being affected genetically, there are also other reasons why youngsters pile up too much weight.

A normal human body needs fat for the proper functioning of hormonal, reproductive and immune systems. Fat is required for thermal insulation of your body and also to absorb shocks received from outside. This type of molecule serves as the energy storehouse which gets utilised in the future. However when fat gets stored excessively and impairs the way you are normally supposed to look, it can be termed as being overweight.When BMI count reaches up to 30 or above, this can mean that the person is obese. A person who has the BMI count of 27 or above can also be included under the category of being an obese. Health complications associated with being overweight and obese are immense. The medical community acknowledges this fact and is not leaving any scope to come up with new treatments to treat obesity. There are treatments like medications and surgery which can help a person lose weight effectively. Medications prescribed for treating obesity may include Xenical which is a reliable capsule for treating obesity. This is the sole prescription medication recommended by doctors to treat this medical condition. Not all people may be asked to take prescription Xenical as a weight loss treatment. It is only recommended for people who have a BMI count of 30 or above.

It should be kept in mind that a prescription treatment like Xenical alone not sufficient for treating obesity. Along with Xenical, a person should be leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a strict diet. One cannot expect to knock off the extra pounds by just using Xenical without keeping a watch on his/her diet and the routine he/she is leading. This pill works by reducing nearly 30% of the fat that gets deposited and stored in your system. Any obesity treating medication, if effective, will start working towards treating this medical condition within twelve weeks or three months of consumption. It has been observed that those using Xenical may lose around 5% to 10% of weight within that period of time.

Orlistat, the active ingredient in Xenical, works by preventing enzymes from working properly. If an enzyme does not work properly, fat molecules do not get broken down. This in turn facilitates absorption and storage of these fat molecules in the digestive system. In other words a third of fat content of your food gets blocked and passes through the system.

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