December 5, 2016

Ancient Ayurveda: Using the Natural Rhythms of Life for Better Health

Sometimes ancient wisdom is the best. Modern scientific discoveries are showing the efficacy, and explaining the reasons why, some old Ayurvedic practices work. And, with more and more people becoming interested in health and longevity, organic eating, and living a simple lifestyle, it’s no wonder people are rediscovering this ancient medical practice to get back […]

The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

For years, your parents, siblings, or spouse have been telling you how important it is to have protein in your diet. Following advice from Nu Skin’s Facebook page provides you with recipes for a protein-infused lifestyle, but now you can also learn why it is so important to have this component in your diet. Copyright: […]

How Does Sautéing Promote Healthy Meals?

It’s understandable why cooking students might be focused on the idea of health while working in the kitchen. After all, they understand heat and how it could potentially strip away all of the nutritional benefits that are typically associated with certain foods. As a result, certain culinary methods may be put to use more than […]

4 Benefits of Vegetable Smoothies

When it comes to the energy that our bodies have, it’s clear that a good amount of it is utilized for digestion. Upon taking different foods into our regimens, our bodies are going to have to work hard in order to make sure that all of the nutrients are attained. This is one of the […]

Alternatives to Sugar

Indulging your sweet tooth doesn’t mean that you need to add calories to your foods and beverages. Today, there are several sweet alternatives to sugar that allow you to indulge without causing you to feel guilty. Comparing sugar alternatives will allow you to choose the option that fits your personal health, and tastes, best. Stevia […]

Ditch the Diet Fads: 6 Lifestyle Changes That Will Actually Help You Keep Weight Off

In today’s “eat and run” culture, it can be hard to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight is even harder. Many people who try fad diets fail to experience permanent weight loss, and their bodies often suffer from poor nutrition. Weight is a balancing act with a simple equation. When people eat more calories than […]