February 21, 2017

Can Natural Weight Loss Supplements Work?

The weight loss industry is rife with controversy. From liquid diets to dangerous supplements, there’s always something on the market that will get tongues wagging. But are there any weight loss supplements out there that will not only work, but are in fact safe as well?

Clever marketing has led to the belief that ‘natural’ means ‘safe’. While it is in many cases true that a naturally occurring product is going to be safer than a chemically synthesized version, it is far from an unrivaled truth that something that is natural is always going to be good for our bodies. In fact, one of the primary issues with ‘natural’ weight loss supplements are the fact that they are not subjected to the same testing as chemical products designed for human ingestion.

With that in mind, it is vital that instead of simply heading down to the nearest chemist and choosing a weight loss supplement because the bottle is adorned with the word ‘natural’, that you do your research first, in order to choose a supplement that is guaranteed to be safe and effective.

A weight loss supplement that has gained considerable fame in recent years is the acai berry. The supplement is so well-renowned due to the fact that the acai berry benefits are not only known to help people lose weight, but also drastically improve their health.

However, like many natural weight loss supplements, the acai berry has only been subjected to minimal testing, meaning that there is little scientific data to confirm its effectiveness.

Having said that, the acai berry is said to be such an effective weight loss supplement for two reasons: the berry contains a very high concentration of fiber, helping the body to feel full for longer, it also contains very high levels of essential vitamins, proven to boost energy and metabolism, increasing the body’s ability to burn calories throughout the day.

The fact is, that although these exact effects have not been scientifically proven, it is confirmed that high vitamin and fibre content help to boost energy and increase fullness, thereby inadvertently proving the effectiveness of the acai berry and similar natural supplements.

Psyllium is an additional supplement that offers coinciding advantages to the acai berry benefits. Psyllium is a natural fibre that can be consumed in advance of a meal. The fibre then works by swelling inside the stomach and ensuring that the feeling of being full transpires much more quickly.

Green tea has also gained significant acclaim as a natural weight loss supplement, although it is largely regarded for its high levels of antioxidants (known to significantly boost overall health and reduce the risk of potentially terminal diseases such as cancer). Green tea is again, similar in advantage to the acai berry, as one of the acai berry benefits is that it is very high in antioxidants.

The primary difference between naturally and chemically synthesized supplements is that often, the chemical supplements have more scientific backing for their claims. However it must be noted that this research is often carried out by the pharmaceutical industry themselves, and that many of these supplements have nasty and potentially dangerous side effects such as digestion problems and a rapid heartbeat.

Due to this, it is clearly more advantageous to explore the natural route, even if the results may not be so instantaneous. An additional advantage to natural weight loss supplements is the fact that they encourage sensible weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Supplements that are known to induce a rapid heartbeat often recommend that minimal or no exercise is performed. Additionally, supplements such as Xenical are proven to get results by preventing the body from absorbing fats. While this may aid weight loss, it will also prevent the body from retaining the essential nutrients that it can only consume through the fats in our diets.

With all this in mind, it is clear that the acai berry benefits, as well as those of products such as green tea, span further than simply weight loss -such supplements are incredibly beneficial to the health of the body also.

What’s more, it must not be forgotten that when we feel fitter and healthier in ourselves, we are more inclined to involve ourselves in activities that will promote this further. To elaborate; we will be more likely to eat a healthier diet overall as well as increase the exercise we participate in, subsequently boosting our weight loss further.

This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Which Acai Berry. James is a talented writer on a variety of subjects including weight loss supplements and acai berry benefits.


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