February 21, 2017

Can A Chiropractor Cure This?

Chiropractors often take pride in the way they treat different kinds of illness without using chemical medications. By stimulating pressure points along the spine, chiropractors can actually cure a wide range of health problems. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the health problems that chiropractors can solve based on research and testimonials.


Back and Neck Pain

One of the primary reasons for seeing a chiropractor is back pain, especially if you suffer a bad lower back pain that wouldn’t go away. Most medications are designed to help ease the pain, but not treat the problem. By seeing a chiropractor, you can actually have the area treated and the problem solved once and for all.

The same goes for neck pain. It can be caused by a lot of things, including working in front of a computer for too long. It is one of the most common health issues in Canada as well. See a chiropraticien Quebec or one near you if you are having problems with your neck; the results will most likely surprise you.


When I first saw my chiropractor, Dr Daniel Lajoie, it was because of a headache. I had bad tension headache that wouldn’t go away no matter how much I rest or take medications. After a couple of visits, a programmed exercise and a better diet, the tension headache is gone completely.

Headaches can be tricky to treat, but a good chiropractor can help you figure out the source of the problem as well as the best way to treat it. Whether you are dealing with migraines, tension headache or just an occasional headache that wouldn’t go away, seeing a chiropractor can really help.

Ear Infections

It is surprising how stimulating the correct pressure points along the spine can help cure many things. Ear infections, according to the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics, is one of the health issues that can be solved through chiropractic.

You can even have a chiropractor treat ear infection on your children. The techniques used to treat ear infections and other health issues are very safe and suitable for children.


By nature, stimulating pressure points along the spine is very relaxing. When the right points are stimulated and treated, chiropractic can help reduce blood pressure and help you relax. It is a good treatment for hypertension, as the Human Journal of Hypertension stated.

When performed by an experienced chiropractor, the upper cervical chiropractic adjustment can help lower your blood pressure as effectively as blood pressure lowering drugs. Unlike medications, the effects of a chiropractic session will last for several months.

Of course, you still have to combine chiropractic with exercise to make the results even more profound. When you do, you can expect to have complete control over your blood pressure over an extended period of time.

There are still plenty of things a good chiropractor can help you with. To get started, simply see a chiropractor near you for consultation, discuss the health issues you have been dealing with and let him or her treat you correctly.


  1. I seem to get ear infections at least once a year. As I have gotten older, and these ear infections have continued, I have been trying to find different remedies to help me get rid of them. You suggest here, however, that chiropractors could help relieve the pressure points along the spine that is associated with ear infections. This is something that I had no idea a chiropractor can cure, and so I will have to check my area and see if this could be an option for me. Since my earaches are chronic, would that make their ability to help me less effective? Thank you for your insight!

  2. The other day I was telling a friend of mine about how I am frustrated at how often I get headaches. She suggested I visit a chiropractor. I had no idea that they could treat things like headaches. At this point I am willing to try almost anything to get rid of these frequent headaches! I will have to call and make an appointment with a chiropractor!

  3. James Bay says:

    I have never been a fan of taking medications when I don’t need to. I have been looking into getting a chiropractor. I have had lower back pain for a while, and I’m glad you said I could get it taken care of once and for all! Thank you for your post!

  4. Brandon Roberts says:

    I was actually wondering this! I strained my back pretty bad a few weeks ago, and I have a super sharp pain every time I bend over. I was thinking about going to the chiropractor, but I wasn’t sure if that would help. What do you think I should do?

  5. Whenever I hear something about a chiropractor I usually just think about back and neck pain. I had no idea that they could treat things like headaches! I get bad headaches quite often and I am not sure why. Maybe a chiropractor could help me out!

  6. jamesrod214 says:

    I never knew that chiropractors could do so much! I think it would be useful to go see a chiropractor for a headache. I often get them, and it would be nice to have an alternate view on how to get rid of them. Thanks for the article!

  7. Douglas Brown says:

    My wife and I think that we have hypertension in our spine, and may have to go to a chiropractor. Her dad used to practice massage therapy, so we might go to him first to see what our condition is like. However, it may just be safer to go straight to the right chiropractor and get things fixed. Reading you say that good chiropractic care can last several months is a big plus.

  8. The statistic that 80 percent of American adults miss work at one point because of back pain is kind of surprising to me. I wonder if it has anything to do with our posture or lifestyle. What are some things you can do or fix to avoid back pain?

  9. Thanks for the tips about how to help alleviate headaches. I got rear ended a year ago and had some whip lash from the incident. It caused some pretty bad neck pain and headaches. You point about finding the source of the headaches is very true. Once I started doing some stretches and exercises to help strengthen and stretch my neck I noticed that my headaches diminished. I’ll have to consider going to a chiropractor should my neck pain and headaches return.

  10. Jimmy Johnson says:

    It’s interesting to know how many things a chiropractor can fix. I have had headaches just like you explained and after I started seeing the chiropractor it went away completely. Chiropractors are amazing, they can help you with so many pains you have. Thanks for sharing!

  11. My mom has been having some issues with her lower back and she isn’t sure why. She wants to get this figured out so that she can get back to work and enjoy her life. This article has some great points that I think can help her find a good chiropractor that can get her back to normal.

  12. I had no idea that chiropratic care could also help with ear infections. When you look at the issue through a holistic lens, it makes sense though. Treating your whole body, not just the symptoms, is a much better way of caring for yourself, in my opinion.

  13. I had no idea that chiropractors can do so much. It’s pretty amazing that they can even help with ear infections! I haven’t had one of those for a long time, but if I ever do, I know who I am going to go see.

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