February 21, 2017

Breakfast – cereals

Breakfast is very important meal, gives energy to start new day, that’s why never go out without food. If you will go to school or to work without eating something, you will feel weak, your obligations will be done worse, you can’t concentrate proper when stomach is empty, can fail exam and can collapse.

Breakfast should be around 20%-25% all-day energy needs and should be good quality, healthy. It’s not going to eat whatever, fast, only to not be hungry. You have to look and care about food to be fresh, find time to eat proper in peace without running with coffee. Breakfast really doesn’t need long time. In 10 minutes you can eat great, worthy meal.

People from whole world commonly like eating cereals with milk. In shop we can see a wide variety of cereals with beautiful and colorful leaflets. Now is born question which cereals to choose to be best for our health.

Cereals are shared on: muesli, cornflakes and cereals with sweet  fillings or only sweet cereals- chocolate, in honey in every shape.

First and most important is to read leaflets about ingredients and calories per 100g. Cereals can be very caloric! 10 spoons of cereals and glass of milk have 400 calories. Do you know that bread with butter, meat and tomatoes, cucumber and milk has 320 calories?

If you are on diet, always check weight of your cereals, because they are light and you can put into bowl too much.

From all cereals choose this with little calories, high fiber content and without sugar. In sweet cereals you can find 30g sugar and only 2g of fiber, so it means 1/3 of bag with cereals will be only sugar. If you will eat very sweet cereals you will metabolize fast, because they are soft and you don’t have to chew this. If you will choose whole grain muesli, you will metabolize longer and will have energy for longer time and you will not be hungry after short time, so finally you will eat less.

Fiber is very important, because it cleans intestines from toxins, improves defecation, give satiety and prevents from cancer of large intestine, also it’s helpful in loosing weight. Fiber is in whole grain products.

Also to sweet cereals producers add salt, preservatives, emulsifiers, soy and sweeteners- these substances you don’t need! On leaflet you can find informations that cereals are light for keeping fit- check calories, these cereals can even have more calories than very sweet flakes. Next thing on leaflet- “healthy fruits”- only good for drying are apples, raisins and plums, another fruits as f.e. strawberries, pineapples, they must go by long process of drying and finally will loose many vitamins.

The best is muesli, because it consists of whole grain, raisins and nuts. They have high fiber content, aren’t sweetened and no so many calories as sweet cereals in honey or with chocolate and don’t include improvers!

Sweet cereals can be eaten very rarely or best if you will not eat this at all.


1. Read leaflets and check calories.

2. Check sugar inside- don’t buy when there is too much sugar, as was in post- even 30g.

3. Check fiber- choose this with 15g, not with only 2g.

4. Best is muesli, because of including fiber, raisins, nuts.

5. Don’t buy and don’t eat sweet cereals with filings inside, fast you will become hungry and finally will eat more.

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