February 21, 2017

The Best Interval Training Options to Lose Weight When You are Strapped for Time

Most of us are always in the pursuit of perfect health and perfect body. But we hardly have enough time to include a thirty minutes workout, let alone anhour one.  So out go your fitness goals out of the window? If you haven’t figured how to lose weight, interval training can be a boon to you. The best part of interval training is that it can be squeezed into your busy schedule, and the results can be as good as your one-hour workouts. Now if that does not entice you to choose interval training we don’t know what will. So try out interval training, and you are sure to get great results.


Benefits of Interval Training

Besides the fact that it is quick and effective, there are tons of other benefits of interval training. So if your boring workouts have stopped exciting you enough or they have stopped being effective it is thetime you amped your workouts to the next level. Here are a few things which you must know about interval training.

  • It burns more calories- The burst of increased intensified exercises can boost your calorific expenditure even more than normal exercise.
  • It is more fun- It is never boring, as the pace and the type of exercise keep changing giving you more kick out of each workout session.
  • It builds your endurance- It builds your endurance and your overall health. It improves your level of mitochondria and also your blood sugar levels.
  • You can do it anywhere- The best part of HIIT is that you can do it anywhere, within the confines of your home, in your hotel room. You simply cannot hide behind excuses, that you can’t go the gym, you don’t have the equipment. A little space and you, you are good to go.

HIIT Exercises

Okay first things first, interval training is not like a walk in the park. It challenges you and pushes you to the extreme limit. All you have got to do is slowly build your stamina, and then take it to the next level.

    1. Cardio Blaster

This is one of the most challenging interval training workouts you can do to build your stamina. It burns tons of calories in a short amount of time.

Doing it right

Begin with a warm up for 15 minutes.

Then sprint, bike, or row for 3 minutes at 90 to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate. Take three minutes active recovery (you’re still on the move but at an easy pace) and repeat the 3 on/3 off pattern three to four more times.

Finish with a 10-minute cool down.

    2. Fast Feet

This exercise builds agility and coordination; it also activates your thighs and glutes.

Doing it Right

Stand with feet together, arms by sides. Bend knees and sit back into hips, lowering into a semi-squat position. Quickly step right foot out wider than hip, and then immediately repeat with left foot, swinging arms naturally as feet move.

Quickly step right foot back in and then left, continuing to swing arms, staying in semi-squat position.

Repeat as quickly as possible (get into a rhythm of “Out, out, in, in” to help find a quick rhythm for the movement of the feet) for one minute.

   3. Flying Lunge

This move coordinates upper and lowers body movement to target the core muscles while raising your heart rate quickly.

Doing it right

Stand with feet wider than hips (about 3 feet apart), with hands clasped and abs drawn in tight. Shift weight into right leg, bending theknee and sitting back into hips as arms swing down and across theright hip, tracing a circle from back to front.

As arms swing up to complete the circle, extend both legs, and bring arms in front of thebody in preparation to switch sides.

Repeat to opposite side, continuing figure-8 pattern of tracing two circles on either side of hips, connecting them in the center.

Repeat as quickly as possible for one minute. The lower you lunge and larger you make the figure-8 pattern while maintaining speed, the more intensive the move becomes.

   4. Speed play
Sprinting gives a terrific workout for tightening and toning your legs, glutes, and core. It increases your muscle power, which ensures you push harder and makes your non-interval training workouts feel easier so you recover and can push it to the next level yourself and burn even more calories.

Doing it right:
Begin with a warm up for 15 minutes, adding a few 20-second bursts at the end to prepare for the workout.
Start with a sprint, bike, or row for 30 seconds with a full- blown effort. Take 3 minutes active recovery and repeat the 30 on/3 off pattern 5 or 6 more times.
Finish with a 10-minute cool down.
You might find it hard, but the good part of the workout is that it is short.

So still wondering how to lose weightthenthese exercises can surely help you to shed the excess flab fast! So start right away.


  1. Good stuff WELLBEING ,When you mentioned 4. speed play actually i do sprinting but not like your plan so now i will try your plan it’s look good and i will see.
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