February 15, 2017

Best Hotels with casino, gyms and spa to relax in Las Vegas

The majority of people visit Las Vegas to eat buffets, relax by the pool, catch a few live shows and try their hands on the slots and roulette wheels in the casino. But what if you are there on business and have to stay for a week or two and want to keep up your gym routine? The best way to keep your fitness up is to find a hotel with a gym on site, which the majority of the new casinos have.

MGM Grand Las Vegas


One of the best hotels on the Vegas strip is the famed Bellagio, with its luxurious suites and fantastic facilities. It is home to one of the largest casino floors in the city with hundreds of different game seen at sites like , as well has a great gym and spa on site. The spa has a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzis so you can kick back and relax after a long day. With a wide variety of weight machines, free weights and cardio vascular equipment, there are always machines free in the gym area for guests to work out on. The hotel also run special classes, ranging from dance to Thai-boxing, so any fitness fanatic can find something to cater for their needs.

MGM Grand

Similar to the Bellagio, the MGM Grand is another one of Vegas’s most popular and famous casino and hotels. The MGM is often host to sporting events such as boxing matches, so it has a great array of fitness equipment. In the gym and spa centre you’ll find enough equipment to keep the entire US Marines force fit, with hundreds of fitness machines, cable weights and benches. You can hire a personal trainer for your session in the gym, to give you the best experience possible in the MGM Grand.

Both the MGM and the Bellagio also offer fantastic entertainment and casino facilities to keep all of its guest occupied, so it your spare time you could try out a few hands of poker or have a roll of the dice. With the rise in online games like bush telegraph, Vegas is becoming a hot holiday destination, so the tourism industry is adapting to make it suitable for everyone; even the fitness freaks! Another way to keep fit whilst in Vegas is to walk the famed strip, as there is always something going on at some point in this casino haven.

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