February 21, 2017

What are The Benefits of Drinking Milk

The Benefits of Drinking Milk

Drinking milk is important in nutrition for all people, not only kids. We need to drink this white drink every day to be healthy.

There are many benefits of drinking milk :

Milk contains digestible and worthy proteins with essential exogenous amino acids which  our organism need for growing, average 3,2% of proteins: casein, lactoglobulin, lactalbumin,

  • Fat- easiest digestible from all animal fats, because it’s in the form of small beads; includes glycerides and cholesterol
  • Source of vitamins: A,D,E,K and from B group, C, pro-vitamin A
  • Rich in best absorb-able calcium for healthy bones (osteoporosis prevention), teeth,
  • Minerals: phosphor, magnesium, potassium, natrium, chlorine, sulfur, in small amounts iron and copper,
  • Lactose – milk contains 4,8g of lactose, it’s milk sugar which gives sweet taste, increases absorption of calcium,
  • Milk also contains enzymes and immune bodies, active peptides act antibacterial.

In shop you can find 3 types of milk:

– Milk UHT (Ultra High Temperature processing)

– Drinking milk,

– Milk with reduced lactose content.

Every milk must be pasteurized! In European Union countries selling no pasteurized is forbidden! Writing on package that milk doesn’t contain preservatives is unnecessary, because it’s pasteurized and doesn’t need using preservatives.

Milk UHT is pasteurized in around 130^C, will loose some vitamins as f.e. C, but can stay longer in fridge.

Drinking milk is pasteurized in around 70^C, will have more vitamins than UHT milk, but will not stay in fridge longer.

Milk with reduced lactose content has less lactose than classic milk (4,8g). This milk is recommended for people who has diarrhea, nausea, flatulence after normal milk. Problem is caused by deficiency of enzyme- lactase. Undigested lactose causes increasing osmotic pressure in intestines causing diarrhea.

How to choose drinking milk:

– You can find milk 0%, 0,5%, 1,5%, 2%, 3,5%,

– If you are healthy person choose this 1,5% or 2%,

– If you have atherosclerosis choose milk 0,5% or 1,5%,

– Don’t buy 0% milk, because vitamins A, D, E, K can’t be soluble without fat.

Glass (250ml) of milk 0,5% has 98 calories.

Glass (250ml) of milk 2% has 128 calories.

Glass (250ml) of milk 3,5% has 160 calories.

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