February 21, 2017

Benefits After Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Decided to quit smoking? Good. As we all know, smoking is addictive. Many smokers have tried and failed a couple of times or more before they have succeeded to quit the habit. The good thing now is, if you are a smoker the chances of you, quitting smoking are greatly increased thanks to various stop smoking programs.

If you really want to stop smoking, you must first understand the reasons why you smoke, what you get from smoking and try to come up with reasons why you decided to quit smoking. Understanding the reasons behind your decision to quit smoking plays a very essential part in your quest to end the addiction.

With the help of different stop smoking programs, a smoker can easily find ways to quit smoking with ease. You can find free stop smoking programs in your community, like counseling or you can buy smoking cessation medicines. You can also do the cold turkey method which is referred to as the abrupt quitting of smoking, mostly without the help of smoking cessation drugs. Also, you can quit smoking by doing the aversion therapy, a program that helps you quit smoking by replacing the nicotine delivered by cigarettes with other forms of nicotine, like nicotine gums and patches.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

As a smoker, have you ever thought about the benefits that you could possibly get after quitting smoking? Probably so, but even with just thinking about the benefits you will get after quitting the habit, you might not be aware of the changes that will occur inside your body and the benefits that the people around you would get.

  • After quitting smoking, your body will undergo tremendous changes. Most of which are beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Research shows that 20 minutes after you quit smoking, your blood pressure decreases, pulse rate drops and body temperature of hands and feet will increase. 8 hours after quitting, the carbon monoxide level in your blood will drop to normal, consequently your blood’s oxygen level will rise to the normal level. At 24 hours after quitting, the chances of you having a heart attack will decrease drastically, and 48 hours after quitting, your nerve endings will begin to regrow and your ability to taste and smell will improve.
  • From 2 weeks up to 3 months of being smoke free, you will notice that walking will be normal for you, the circulation of your blood will improve and your lung function will increase. Several months after quitting smoking, you will begin to notice significant improvements in your body, you will notice that you will have less chances of getting a cough, sinus congestion, you will also have less fatigue and you will have less shortness in breathing. After a year, all these changes will improve and your metabolism will get back to normal, also, your chances of getting a coronary heart disease will decrease by half compared to that of a smoker.

Always remember that when you want to quit smoking, set your mind on your goal. The greatest stop smoking program is within yourself, that is your will to live a healthy smoke free life.


  1. Don Smith says:

    I quit smoking about 15 years ago using nicotine patches as an aid. I only used them for about half the time recommended. You are exactly right about making up your mind and setting your goal, and about the greatest stop smoking program being within yourself. I had tried to quit several times, but once I really made up my mind to quit, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected. Use whatever aids work best for you, though.

    • Wellbeing says:

      Great that you achieved your aim. Many people give up too early. Mostly its mental problem in our head. Good reason for quitting smoking is pregnancy. Another reason can be money- by the way smoking is very expensive. Saved money we may spend for holiday, clothes, fitness.
      The most important reason is our health, its proven that 40 substances from cigarettes cause cancer- not only lungs cancer, also breast, mouth, kidney.
      Good luck!

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