February 20, 2017


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Guest posting can be a great way for you to gain exposure, increase your online presence, and improve your websites’ traffic and Page Rank authority. Articles published on our site will help you gain exposure from our regular readers as well as our on going social media promotion and SEO efforts.

Guidelines for authors:

In order to maintain a good, steady supply of up-to-date information, we are happy to publish original articles as guest posts.

DO NOT submit content that has been previously published at another site including your own blog or that is plagiarized from another website. Republishing content on your own site after publishing it her is not a good idea since it will hurt your SEO. Also please do not submit spun or low quality content.

How and where to send the guest article?

1. Write your post in html, text, word document > send it and it will be reviewed (may take few days) and published a.s.a.p

3. Send the article on wellbeingwebsite@gmail.com

“Important Tips for guest blog authors: (read all)”

If you’re going to send an article for guest blog post , here are a few things to keep in mind.

  •  Don’t include more than 1 relevant link in your article submission. (if you want more than 1 link included,  promote your article or want to publish advertised article, please Contact Us)
  • Link (credited link) can be included only in authors bio (which should be right after the article text in the body of the article). If you have link/s from high ranking and relevant sites f.e. Wikipedia, Youtube … etc can be included in the article.
  • Insert minimum one internal link (from this blog) relevant to the article. You can use search box to find appropriate one (optional).
  •  Article lengths should be a minimum of 450 words, more words bigger chances to be accepted.
  •  (optional) Provide a link to picture (image) for the article (free stock or creative commons only, Flicker is best resource) this is magazine layout blog and picture can be crucial for the article success.
  • We appreciate it if you share the post and respond to questions in the comments.

We will review all kind of articles about Wellbeing – Healthy life style. Health, Nutrition, Diets, Exercises, Beauty, Mental Health, Happiness, Sport, Recreation, Parenting, Personal….etc

After sending your article for review wait 4-5 days.  If you don’t get answer give us a note and date when your article was sent. If you have  other questions use our  Contact Page.

Good Luck!