February 21, 2017

Appendicitis During Pregnancy

Generally, pregnancy is an exciting and happy moment for new mothers. It’s also a terrible moment for these pregnant women to develop a disease like appendicitis. Symptoms frequently imitate other diseases. A few appendicitis symptoms could also imitate signs of pregnancy. Leaving appendicitis uncured in pregnant women is possibly deadly.

Pregnant Woman Prostrate, Lying on the Ground

Appendicitis Symptoms During Pregancy

The pregnant woman having inflamed appendix feels abrupt pain that’s not like any other type of pain she’d ever felt before. Generally, the pain being close to belly button, then moves to the right lower part of abdomen. This type of pain progressively aggravates especially with inhaling deeply, coughing, sneezing or movement. In addition, she could lose appetite, feel constipation or diarrhea, feel abdominal swelling, vomit, become nauseated, and lose the capability of passing gas.

Imitates Other Diseases

The signs of appendicitis could easily imitate other intestinal or abdominal diseases like pelvic inflammatory illness, constipation and/or some other gynecological diseases, inflammatory bowel illness, intestinal adhesions or obstruction. Since she’s pregnant, the signs of appendicitis could also imitate a few the signs of pregnancy like Braxton-Hicks contractions and morning sickness.

Diagnostic Techniques

The physician will start the diagnostic procedure through taking the medical history of the patient, taking note of the pregnancy. While performing the physical test, specific behavioral indications of the patient is noted like guarding the abdomen. Other indications being noted incorporate Obturator sign, Rovsing’s sign rebound tenderness, and Psoas sign within the abdomen. Urinalysis may also be carried out to discard urinary tract infection. Blood tests may also be conducted to deter some of other indications of infection. CAT scan could also aid detect appendicitis.

Medical Involvement

In case appendicitis is detected, the appendix would be removed. The procedure will be performed while making sure that the unborn child and pregnancy aren’t put into danger. The mother and baby could be at such hazard from a potential bursting appendix which the requirement for the surgery offsets the danger that can be presented to the child.

End Result

In case the swollen appendix isn’t eliminated, a chronic cycle of the inflammation can start. The abdominal interior layer could also turn out to be inflamed leading to the development of an abscess, a region of inflammation filled with pus which indicates bacterial infection. But if this inflamed appendix isn’t still eliminated, it could lead to the development of sepsis. In the situation of pregnant women, if their appendix isn’t eliminated, it could result in the development of any of the mentioned health complications that can lead to death.

By: Robert is an author specialized for Appendicitis Symptoms.

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