February 20, 2017

Anxiety: Everything You Need To Be Aware Of

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Feeling anxious and struggling with anxiety can be a crippling experience even for the strongest of people. It can take a hold of you at any moment. Be that in the workplace when it comes to deadlines or perhaps in a social scene where you will be expected to socialise with other people. It can take a hold of you and be a hard thing to shake of. However, it certainly is a subject that doesn’t have as much light shone on it as it should, perhaps because people don’t speak up about it or simply people just don’t want to bring attention to how they feel. But I think these anxious feelings and anxiety in general can affect many of us on a daily basis, so I thought it was worth sharing with you some knowledge on the subject.


The common symptoms

Anxiety can take a hold in different ways and not every scenario is the same for everyone, but there are some common symptoms that we can all feel. One of the first signs is an increase heart rate, it can often feel like you are struggling to breath or catch you breath. Or it can just give you that racing heart feeling which can often be an unpleasant experience anyway. You can also feel hot and perhaps sweaty, and you may even experience nausea or certainly feel like you are going to be sick. It can sometimes present itself as a nervous energy, like a weird butterfly sensation but not the good kind we can experience when we are excited. You can sometimes feel tense or start with a headache and pressure in your head. As you can see the symptoms can vary, but sometimes you can experience some at the same time, or just one or two of them.


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The common reasons

The reason why someone can feel anxious can vary drastically. People can start with symptoms of anxiety due to work, for example a deadline that you can’t seem to reach or an increased workload that can simply overload you. Some people can struggle with anxiety in social situations, where you worry about what people think of you or how you act. Sometimes it can be associated with leaving the home and worrying about things going wrong while you are out. These situations can vary from mild to severe.


How you can help yourself and others

There are few different ways you can help yourself when it comes to struggling with anxiety. Perhaps looking at information that has been sourced from Compass Health Center online could help. Methods include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. This focuses on activity planning and pays close attention to your thought process and why you think and feel what you do. Other smaller things you can do could include shifting your focus onto something else, perhaps changing the atmosphere by putting music on or switching on the TV. Your diet and exercising can also help.

It’s such a lengthy subject, so if you are intrigued to read more about it then heading online.


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