February 21, 2017

Anti Aging: Smoking and Drinking

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can do a number of things to a person’s body.

Not only do these two habits have many negative health implications, especially smoking cigarettes, but they also can age a person. Smoking cigarettes can definitely have a significant toll on a person’s health as there have been numerous, prove, irrefutable studies that have shown the negative healthy implications of smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol in moderation is not very bad, but once a person drinks a lot of alcohol or binge drinks, this is where the negative health implications come in. Both smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can also serve to age a person at a much faster rate than a person who does not smoke cigarettes or drink an excessive amount of alcohol.

Teeth Problem 

Smoking cigarettes can age a person in a bunch of different ways. First of all, smoking cigarettes makes a person’s teeth pretty yellow. This in itself can make a person look much older as many times a person’s smile is something that people will instantly notice about a person.


Smoking cigarettes can also age a person in the look of their hair. Smoking cigarettes for a long time can make an individual’s hair weaker and thinner and therefore give it the appearance of old and tattered rather than young and voluminous.

Skin Condition 

Smoking cigarettes can also age a person in his or her skin. This can cause more wrinkles and make them look older as the chemicals in cigarettes are really bad for a person to ingest and will certainly take a toll on the person’s overall body in the long run.

Liver Problem 

Drinking a lot of alcohol can certainly age a person too. A person who drinks a significant amount of alcohol and or binge drinks quite frequently will most likely show some severe signs  of aging earlier on than other people who do not follow these same drinking habits. It can also an individual’s skin and make it look old and leave a lot of spots. Constant drinking can also destroy a person’s liver which can have an effect on how the person’s body runs and which in turn can affect the overall look of a person.

Drinking alcohol in high quantities as well as smoking cigarettes certainly will work against any person’s anti-aging battle as both habits definitely tend to do the opposite and age a person prematurely. Both of these habits take a toll on an individual’s body and that strain will show through and make a person look older.

Author: Kelly is a freelance writer that specializes in everything related to health and beauty. She also share Medifast coupons if you want to save money.

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