February 16, 2017

Amazing Foods to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one alarming health ailment that is feared by people from around the globe. It is characterized by the weakening of the human bones that causes structure deformation.  This is most common in women whose age ranges from 30 on wards. This condition usually takes place because of the reason that women lose a lot of calcium during their childbearing stage.

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Currently, the treatment for osteoporosis is already available in any health facility. However, as expected, it costs much that an average income person could not simply afford. With this, it is best that people should educate themselves thoroughly about health, specifically on the ways on how to prevent diseases like osteoporosis. The fact is that avoiding osteoporosis is quite an easy task. People just have to know the right kind of foods to take, in order to make themselves immune from such a disease. Below are some of the foods that are believed to be a great help in getting away from osteoporosis:


Fresh oats are a rich source of minerals that is very much needed in keeping up bone health. It does not have that much alkaline content; thus, it is very friendly to human bones. Fresh oats are recommended because there are no preservatives in it, unlike the instant oats.


According to food experts, this particular vegetable is one of the most nutritious foods ever discovered. It has components that are found to be a great help in keeping bone health up.


Cabbage is rich in vitamin K, Vitamin B6, calcium and vitamin C, all of which are found to be very beneficial to bone health. The role of vitamin C in bone health is that, it makes the absorption of the calcium in the bones easily.

Green Peas

Green peas are known to have high vitamin K content. This particular element activates a major protein that is important to bone health, which is the osteocalcin. It is also rich in folate and vitamin B6; and these two inhibits homocysteine, an element that prevents the formulation of collagen in the bone matrix.


Lettuce is known globally because of its high water content and the presence of the trifecta. With the two combined, a healthy bone will be expected.


Because of its high vitamin C content, it allows the bone to absorb more calcium that helps toughen up its structure. Lemons are the most common source of vitamin C ever since.


Parsley is rich in vitamin K1, which is found to be a big help in preventing the existence of osteoclasts. Once vitamin K1 gets into the human body, probiotics immediately converts it into osteocalcin and this component enriches bone health.

Knowing the foods that are good for bone health is definitely ideal. With this, people can adjust and squeeze them into their daily diet. Regular intake of these foods and with regular exercise, for sure, an excellent bone health would be achieved in the end. With this, people need not have to worry at the thought about what will happen to them when they get old.

Linda Rosario is a food blogger from Chef Needs “The Kitchen that Every Restaurant Needs”. Linda also loves painting, art collecting and works as a devoted Physical Therapist.

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